Why do women’s stores

brand products are very popular in the current market, many brands of products are in short supply. However, many of the women’s clothing store is still in stock, which makes many people feel strange. So, why would there be a store? Let Xiaobian bring you to know.

women’s clothing is a lot of entrepreneurs want to engage in the industry, because with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for women’s clothing is also getting higher and higher, which prompted the development of the women’s wear industry. However, for many people, business brands will encounter a big problem, that is the inventory, with the brand shop business, here to talk about, why brands will produce inventory.

Why is there a

brand store? 1, the lack of judgment on the future of the market, there is not enough information on the market environment changes, prenatal technology, competition, changes in the channel to make timely response. Some women even for the first time the number of production enterprises did not have sufficient statistics on the basis of the owners rely entirely on the feeling; next year to increase the number of shops? What is the performance? And the reality is often a difference of one hundred and eight thousand, so that is not the emergence of a large number of goods is robbed inventory.

Why is there a

brand store? 2, in the pursuit of running the situation did not pay attention to the quality of the monitoring, there is no technical department, the problem has been on the assembly line, and only hair, and then say.

Why is there a

brand store? 3, purchasing ability and regulation is not strong, resulting in the rhythm of the sale and the sale of the season off, this is the most should not appear, but often such a situation is really a lot of.

Why is there a

brand store? 4, in the design of no merchandise planning, resulting in lower proportion, color coordination and overall problem. Hangzhou, a lot of women’s clothing can be taken out of a single product, but it does not seem to be in the store inside the coordination. Guests into the shop will naturally reduce the rate of increase in performance and how to talk about it?

Why is there a

brand store? 5, terminal sales ability is poor, no pre sales training and selling statement. Some companies have done with the map, but also can not solve the fundamental problem. A lot of the sales department and the design department is the enemy, not to mention the cooperation, but also to belittle each other! You say I do not know anything, I said you do not understand the market ah? Endless.

don’t think brand shop products will be hot or even out of stock, the stock is also very normal. And the production of inventory is not terrible, as long as we know the reasons for the production of inventory, and in a timely manner to solve it, and then adjust their business methods, so you can avoid the occurrence of inventory. So, by >

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