Video games, cellphones spotlight in ICBC road safety speaking tour

first_imgThat’s what led Drew to become ICBC’s road safety speaker, and today at North Peace Secondary, he explained to upcoming grads the dangers of irresponsible driving.He says common factors that come into play include a teenager’s sense of invisibility, the prominence of racing video games, and the distraction of cellphones.“If you guys can’t put these things [cellphones] away for five minutes – this is your generation’s killer and you don’t get it,” Drew loudly proclaims.- Advertisement -“Video games, car games – I hate them. They teach you nothing but bad habits.”While Drew put on a ‘tough guy” attitude, there were many times when he becomes chocked up while talking about his late teenage son Jason Drew.“If we soft-sell a message like this, it goes in one ear and out the other,” says Drew. “We hard sell it – it’ll stay for a while longer.”Advertisement He gave students some tips if they find themselves in a dangerous situation moving forward – which includes being a R.A.T.T. (Responsible Adult Think Teenager.)He concluded by reminding students of the ripple affect this type of tragedy could have on a community, and even worse, the parents.“If I could make that difference in their community where they can keep one tragedy for happening, there’s a tidal wave that isn’t going to hit a family and a ripple effect go through a whole community,” Drew explains after his presentation. “I know how big of a loss my son, his passing, had on his grad class when he passed away.”Today was just part of Drew’s three-month speaking tour amid graduation season.Advertisementlast_img

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