Virtual walks through Croatian museums and exhibitions

first_imgZadar Archaeological Museum – has several departments: department for prehistoric, ancient, medieval archeology, department for modern age, department for underwater archeological research, department for pedagogical-andragogical activity, conservation-restoration department, library and others, and Museum of Nin Antiquities. The Museum of Arts and Crafts has announced that it is temporarily closed to the public until further notice, and is moving its activities to online platforms. Unfortunately, due to the earthquake in Zagreb, MUO suffered severe damage. Museum of the King of Trilj – researches, preserves and documents the cultural heritage from the area of ​​Trilj, first of all archeological, and then ethnographic and cultural-historical. But MUO is not the only one that uses all the benefits of the modern world. We have no doubt that visitors, when the situation normalizes one day, will visit the museums they have already seen in their virtual tour, both touristically and physically. Mimara Museum – with the primary role of preserving artistic heritage, the mission of the museum is to communicate to the visitor rich and layered artistic, historical and civilizational contents that can be decoded from individual works of art or groups of works of art. We have researched the offer in Croatia, so visit the links we have prepared for you below: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb – most of the monumental material is from areas belonging to the Croatian historical area, but there is also the Egyptian collection, as well as a significant part of the Numismatic collection, is of foreign origin and several significant collections of Greek and Roman monumental material. Typhlological Museum in Zagreb – exhibition – “Untouched nature: the island of Rava” – The idea of ​​depicting parts of untouched nature was prompted by the desire to present and show visually impaired people in a special, multisensory way the still preserved, natural gems of our country, just like the island of Rava. Water supply museum – Take a walk through the museum and learn about the history of the Zagreb waterworks in a fun way The decision of the National Civil Protection Headquarters suspended all activities that are not necessary for the normal functioning of the community. Among them are numerous cultural institutions and events. And that is exactly why now is the time to take advantage of all the benefits that the internet brings us. Museum of Vučedol Culture Vukovar – find out why Vučedol is one of the most important archeological sites in Europe Museum of Krapina Neanderthals (Flash player required) – collects, preserves, professionally processes and presents geological, paleontological and archaeological material. We believe that this is only a part of the offer in Croatia, but we also believe that after you “surf” the museums, you will look for some new destinations and overcome this pandemic more easily. Trakošćan Castle – today one of the few buildings in Croatia with preserved own material, historically closely related to the architectural framework and life of its owners.center_img In the earthquake in Zagreb, unfortunately, she was also more seriously injured Zagreb Cathedral, Museum of the Blessed Alojzije Stepinac – Zagreb Archdiocese – presents to the public numerous documents and objects used by Cardinal Stepinac during his lifetime Archaeological Museum of Istria – today it is organized into the Archaeological Department, the Documentation Department, the Library Department, the Education Department and the Conservation and Restoration Department. The museum also has dislocated collections in the Pula amphitheater, which it takes care of, then in the Temple of Augustus and the Franciscan monastery, and in Nesactium.Sacred Heart Museum and Gallery SpaceAmphitheater GalleryUnderground AmphitheaterGallery C8 Sinj Alka Museum – The exhibition includes a multitude of uniforms, equipment and weapons of the Sinj Alkars, as well as Alkar statutes and regulations that it adopts in a modern digital form. A special attraction of the exhibition is the life-size display of the Alkar procession. Museum of Arts and Crafts – Virtual walk Pregrada Museum and Library – has a permanent exhibition consisting of three collections: the Numismatic Collection, the Collection of Mining and Geology and the Pharmacy Collection of Thierry. Rupe Ethnographic Museum – The permanent exhibition shows the storage of grain in situ, and the traditional economy and rural architecture of the Dubrovnik area with ceremonial costumes are presented. Cultural and historical museum in the Rector’s Palace – permanent exhibition of paintings, furniture and useful objects from the 16th to the 19th century in the ambience of the Rector’s Palace, the seat of government and the Prince of the Republic of Dubrovnik, and a collection of old Dubrovnik coins, medals, seals, coats of arms and weapons. Museum of Ancient Glass in Zadar – the museum is archaeological, but specializes with its exhibition and represents a unique collection of over 5000 different glass objects from antiquity Nikola Tesla Technical Museum in Zagreb, founded on the model of the existing large scientific and technical museums in the world, as a specialized museum of technology Zagreb City Museum (Flash player required) – a permanent exhibition portrays the city in all its aspects, from political, ecclesiastical, historical and economic to architectural-urban, cultural-historical, entertainment and everyday. Croatian Historical Museum – The museum material includes almost 300.000 museum objects systematized in sixteen museum collectionslast_img

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