How to retain frontline employees how to motivate them

a lot of people are in the front line, front-line staff not only work pressure, but wages are not high, there will always be high negative emotions. There are a lot of front-line staff, is negative and angry to work, how to motivate and comfort the front-line employees?

past more companies consider how to respect the management personnel, lack of consideration on the frontline operators. For example, the front-line staff and the management of the different staff, the quality of the style are much worse; the cafeteria is not the same, the environment and the quality of food is very bad. I once met a business, they are a headache employee turnover rate is high, I always miss the point, the biggest reason is that employees leave the bad food after the investigation. read more

How to create a bright spot shop

if all the shops are the same, the customer will not have the choice of consumption is different, such shops for customers will be more attractive? So, how to let the customer mentioned his supermarket, the customer will be bright, suddenly can tell the characteristics of the shop? In fact, many times, we just blindly from the seller’s point of view to consider, and if we can change a perspective from the buyer’s point of view, the problem may be much easier. Below I will talk about their own business practice. read more

f you dare, dare you to do business

The first chapter of

  the popularity of wealth will be decided, in order to make money.

1. is a blessing, business people to be generous.

2. charity brings popularity, to help others is to help themselves.

3. mind how wide popularity is an.

4. de no money, cheating hard for a long time.

5. is very popular in the world, popularity to wealth.

6. first make money after making money.

7. frank, can soulmate.

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What taboo holiday sales

although the Spring Festival in 2017 has not yet arrived, however, many retail customers have experienced a lot of Spring Festival, although the Spring Festival is indeed a busy season, but in fact, we also need to do a good job holiday sales. Just after the Spring Festival, retail sales work has entered a new era, in the face of the backlog of goods inventory, we should do a good job after the holiday sales? I think, to do after the sale, should avoid some bad tendencies, specifically to do bogey. read more

Little fortune

a lot of people are still hesitant to start a business, what to do when the venture, Sichuan sister, has been relying on her small hand, in the entrepreneurial road created a day. It’s hard to believe that a little hand can make a lot of money Let us pay attention to the Sichuan sister!

1997 in August, can not find a job after graduating from high school, and not willing to farmers at home chuanmeizi Wu Bo, tearfully left Sichuan rural Guang’an, embarked on a journey to go out to work, no one can predict his future, including her own. read more

What are the secrets of winning market

mall is like battlefield, want to win in such a market, not only we need to continue efforts, in fact, still have a lot of tips to master. So, what are the secrets of winning the mall? And let Xiaobian to take you to know.

is called "the time makes the hero", the scientific research points out that in the worst case, the person can arouse the unknown ability through the subconscious, stimulate their potential, and create better benefits. To be an invincible warrior in the market, must understand the following five tips: read more

s part of the online program really reliable and what traps need attention

part-time for students, is not a strange thing, and now people are looking for a more convenient part-time way: network part-time. Is this part of the virtual platform really reliable? Will make money? Xiaobian to tell you a good analysis of the problem.

the current college students, more than 80% part-time demand. Online part-time, part-time job has become a lot of college students exercise their ability to earn some extra money after the main method.

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Will there be a slack season for tea sales

is now almost any a business will have a short season difference, for the operator, only take more business strategy in store off-season, will let the store survive in the off-season, when the season to make a fortune. However, is it really any of the industry will have a short season? Will there be a slack season for tea sales?

so-called tea sales season, just a misleading idea, operators should adjust their mentality, to maintain the enthusiasm of the past work. Tea consumption is no clear seasonal sales points, but a typical tea sales season, such as the spring and autumn tea. Now it is the world of tea sales, tea chain operators should dilute the idea of selling the tea season, the real work, with quality and brand for the enterprise product added value. read more

What procedures do you need to open a clothing store

shop is a lot of people want to do business in the industry, the clothing store is very desirable, and many people are looking forward to open a clothing store, of course, to apply for a business license to open clothing store, or Industrial and Commercial Bureau must be found to be fine, but a lot of people to sell some formalities need not too clear.

clothing store opened what procedures? A lot of people are looking forward to open a clothing store, of course, to apply for a business license to open clothing store, or Industrial and Commercial Bureau must be found to be fine, but a lot of people to shop need some formalities is not clear. The next small series is simple to introduce what procedures and documents required to open a clothing store processing. read more

Zhongshan electricity supplier training base was established

2015 is Chinese economic development the development of the industry in the winter, slow growth, and e-commerce has continued hot, professional training base jointly organized a number of units in Guangdong of Zhongshan City, to promote youth entrepreneurship development.

by the Zhongshan Electronic Commerce Association and Guangdong allcomm electronic commerce Limited by Share Ltd to build electricity supplier training base recently listed operations, business mentor to students in class in the torch pioneering nursery. read more

Money King unlimited most suitable for women’s entrepreneurial projects

What are the

projects for women? Women do poineering work what good? For women to start a business, there are many restrictions than men. Women entrepreneurs want to make money, to find their own projects is very important. The following Xiaobian for everyone to recommend the latest project for women entrepreneurs, the prospects are very good, to see what is best for you?

suitable for women Entrepreneurship: Puzzle shop

for nowadays a lot of people in pursuit of both personality and can bring fun leisure, can open a can make consumers for entertainment, but also can decorate the Home Furnishing gift shop, puzzle. Shopping malls in the large shopping center rent more than and 10 square meters of shops, plus decoration, personnel wages and cost of goods, the initial investment of about $50 thousand. It is worth noting that, at the time of purchase should pay attention to control the quantity, choose the varieties, each variety to purchase less quantity, to pull the consumption level, different levels to meet customer requirements. read more

The development of white-collar home stores

social competitiveness of the growing number of young people who want to have a dream to have a career of their own, and now for young white-collar workers. Investment in a home store seems to be a good opportunity to make money. It can be said that home stores are many entrepreneurs in the eyes of the most attractive and strength of entrepreneurial projects, hot business opportunities for your dream, but when it comes to how to operate, how much do you know? In order to Home Furnishing stores to get better development, so you need to do a lot of homework before investing, there are also many problems, now they should have more entrepreneurial skills, so the furniture stores you need to master the skills!

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Open shop need to pay attention to matters

open shop is now a lot of businesses to get rich, there are so many people succeed in this way, it will attract more people to invest in entrepreneurship. But are you really familiar with the shop? Many businesses that they do not understand, then learn together with the small bar.

1, selected business direction

in the online shop and open physical stores in the network is completely different, in the network, as long as the location of your store not too poor, small businesses can do well, even if they are selling a very popular thing, the same can earn pours. Doing business on the Internet, to a. Generally speaking, in the online sales, it is best to find the net is not easy to buy things for sale (for example: special crafts, limited edition baby, designer clothing, electronic products and so on), so the special fancier will find your store, if you work with him, that business is steady, constantly looking back the. Choose someone else is not easy to find the characteristics of goods, is a good start, to ensure the quality of goods in order to retain your customers. read more

Site selection of building materials stores need to investigate what factors

building materials store location should follow what principles? Many businesses expressed interest in this issue, if you want to succeed in the site can learn a lot from other successful skills to help them choose a good lot, there is a good start.

building materials industry shop location principles: first, to facilitate customer shopping to meet customer demand is the purpose of the store business, so in determining the location of the shop, we must first consider the convenience of customer shopping. Therefore, the selected locations will be generally in accordance with one or several of the following conditions: convenient transportation; close to the theaters, commercial street, park and other crowded places, so that customers can enjoy shopping, leisure, entertainment, tourism and other convenient services; located in densely populated areas or units concentrated areas, the customer shopping saves time and effort; in accord with the traffic laws and the flow of population distribution area, to meet consumer habits. read more

Beijing city opened illegal fund-raising special rectification action

with the Internet financial industry is developed, the Internet illegal fund-raising intensified, means more diverse, so a lot of people are impossible to guard against. To this end, the city of Beijing launched a special campaign to combat illegal fund-raising, trying to clean up the financial sector of the sky.

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Starting from a small step to success

have a dream to have the power and direction of the forward, but the light is not enough dream. The vast majority of entrepreneurs dream of their own to create a $one billion company, this idea is It’s only human., after all, who do not want to be the next Steve · or Mark · Jobs; Zuckerberg?

Gary  Chou is a teacher at the New York Institute of virtual art. He teaches people how to start a startup in a completely different way. He opened the business curriculum design, there is a non traditional syllabus: not for the creation of an imaginary $one billion company planning on any time and effort, in a repeatable and sustainable way, create a real company, even the value of $1000, but profitable.

1.  you can support yourself

2.  set up a business need to do

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