Buy site once again standing in the wind tip wave, user experience is still the center of gravity

June Baidu gamble glutinous rice, in October the United States mission as "Meida" in public, just as people think when the group purchase website "Meida" in Qingtian, but this is abandoned in Ali and beauty group, then focus on the takeaway "hungry" has become the focus of controversy, some people say "hungry it has been acquired by Ali, and from the official rumor is" hungry "alone. Service group purchase website development to the present, whether it is to occupy a certain market size of the U.S. group, the public, or to focus on catering industry "hungry", want to own, in the BAT of the enclosure movement, want to remain neutral, very difficult! Of course, represent the general trend in the mobile Internet today, the market share and group purchase website the greater the baptism of thousands of war group purchase website, in the mobile terminal is facing a new crisis read more

American glasses electricity supplier Warby Parker $100 million a year dry sharing

American eyewear supplier website Warby Parker, founded in late 2010, has won angel investment $1 million 500 thousand, last year after the A round of financing, the valuation of $120 million. Its slogan is "A New Concept in Eyewear", which specializes in selling glasses and wearing things related to the eyes. Its characteristic is that the selling price is extremely low, and is claimed to subvert the traditional spectacles industry.


single pricing, $95 a pair. The website is very simple. It is divided into men and women. There are two kinds of products: myopia glasses and sunglasses. All 95 dollars per pair. Pick 27 paragraphs carefully. Remember, it does not like domestic glasses, electricity providers frequently engage in hundreds of models, but did subtraction. This makes it possible to make the smallest inventory, selling only the most popular classic retro styles. read more

For site traffic, webmaster should not be too hasty

a lot of some personal Adsense, very pay attention to is the website traffic. Of course, the website traffic needs attention, but in the early stage of the station, the website traffic is secondary, and the emphasis is on operation, management and promotion.

early stage should do what work? Here to share my experience:

1, after setting up the content of the web site, then the next thing is to collect and sort out the work. If you can always update some better articles, original articles, which is quite good for the site. read more

How can make my nternet brand bigger

do network marketing’s purpose is not to bring traffic problems, network marketing is also an important task is to promote their online brand, more can drive traffic and conversion using the brand to improve. This is the real purpose of enterprise network marketing. But how can you make your Internet brand bigger?

is a bit easier to do. Companies have a lot of money and can build their own brands through a lot of online advertising. Maybe this effect will be faster.

however, after all such enterprises or minority, for many small and medium enterprises, if compared with large enterprises, they are obviously to compete with large enterprises in the delivery of Internet advertising funds, so for small and medium enterprises, it is necessary to choose their own brand promotion network marketing strategy. read more

Baidu made me white for 3 months

in August this year, I started my career webmaster, got two stations in less than 2 weeks, each station data in more than 20000 classification and clear, and detailed!! I did not intend to make the classification so much, then at the time of collection at a station to do a lot of classification. In particular, some of the large, I think this classification is more words, people feel the content is complete, and easy to read. I study other people and jump into categories. Then, when I finished the station, I count the classification, greatly small more than 40! I was happy and pleased with oneself, don’t laugh! Think get Canon read more

Discussion Dingzhou classified information network website notes (a)

has just built a local website, Dingzhou classified information network, because the domain name has chosen, so it is also called Dingzhou 123. Officially opened more than a month, it is difficult to say that the new building is not false ah. I’ve built many websites, but also to do some others, but are interested in it, not a real intention to run, is the largest as learning examples to do, of course, there is not much achievement.

2009 is a national website, whether professional or non professional, young and old are added to the head of the array, and I want to make a station of its own business, searching for a long time on the Internet, finally decided to do local classification and information station. Choose what kind of classification information system is an important step, I choose PHP168, we found that this system is very powerful, is not wrong, then Discuz that a SNS forum and used, will get a whole web portal architecture, but I think they are from the start of the classified information, all of a sudden up too much, it is difficult to do this, I have my own experience, I believe the predecessors and webmaster friends also have a lot of feelings. read more

A web site should have a Pyramid architecture based on content and user experience

in the Twitter, Facebook and so on social network dominate the Web world, we seem to forget that a site’s mission, content and user experience, more and more people are obsessed with the same social network deal, but forget the content, the user experience of these most basic, the most essential thing. This article is about the structure of Pyramid that a web site should have.

, Web, Pyramid structure,


let’s start from the bottom of the Pyramid, though, "content is king" is the hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, able to withstand heavy battering truth, your site will have a very good advertising, there are a large number of Twitter followers, with the coolest design, however, if there is no good content, everything will not last long. Wonderful content is the root of all this. It’s the best place to start. If you have unique, attractive, content written for users, you have a solid foundation. read more

How to define the brand of talent network from the nternet level

is a site of the friends all know the importance of brand development for the website (of course, not including illegal station) and you know, make the brand the benefits brought to the site and the development model of vertical flow considerable variability. But when I ask you what brands are and what brands should shape, there are few people around us who know. Of course, the pure things may not be brought to the site of substantive things, but as a power blog in a word, all attempts have no theoretical basis but is the wise remark of an experienced person. So do the brand analysis from a system point of view, compared to the actual cocks stuffy brain is still very necessary. read more

Driving through a car is ultimately a competition of pictures

to play through the car, in fact, still doing visual marketing, in the final analysis is the competition of pictures, when you picture the ultimate, click rate, quality, conversion rate is a logical thing. And how should this picture be designed, or how to play it,


train first is a system project, that is to say do the train promotion need to have strong logical thinking ability, when you cut the principle behind the numbers are clear, do promotion when the idea will open up, the operation is handy. read more

Baidu, you make me so worried

today also received a Baidu phone, this is the fourth time, let me do the bidding of the Chengyang real estate network promotion, I am very worried, had heard that this is the Baidu K precursor station, I’m just a small vast Internet webmaster, why you find me.

I of the Chengyang real estate network in October last year started, and then kept in stationmaster net search engine ranking learning knowledge, do code optimization, as the pseudo original, adhere to constantly update the news every day, just from Baidu included, now "Chengyang real estate, Chengyang real estate and some relevant keywords ranking to the first until now, the development of a small Chengyang area every day to more than 100 IP, which are attributed to me in stationmaster net learning. read more