Javelin Upsets Early Man Timeline

first_img(Visited 48 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 A well-crafted spear point for a javelin is dated way too early for the current evolutionary timeline.National Geographic announced the find in Ethiopia with a picture of a nicely carved spear point dated at 280,000 years in the evolutionary scheme.  That’s 200,000 years older than the date they were thought to first be made by modern humans.  According to the standard story, modern humans were not even around that long ago.These javelins are some 200,000 years older than previous examples of similar weapons, suggesting that modern humans and their extinct relatives had the know-how to create these sorts of complex thrown projectiles much earlier than often thought….The oldest artifacts at the site are roughly 279,000 years old. In comparison, the earliest known fossils of Homo sapiens, previously discovered at sites elsewhere in Ethiopia, are about 200,000 years old.The spear point shown is not an isolated artifact.  The research team from UC Berkeley found 141 such implements.  Human ancestors of that age were only thought to be capable of thrusting and clubbing.  By analyzing cracks in the obsidian, researchers were able to infer that the spear points  were thrown at the maximum speed possible.  “Such weapons are considered signs of complex behavior and were pivotal to the spread of modern humans.”To rescue the evolutionary story, paleoanthropologists are having to posit that “certain behavioral traits that are considered complex and mostly only the domains of anatomically modern humans—such as the capacity to make and use projectiles … had earlier roots and were present in populations ancestral to Homo sapiens.”  Yet this pushes the evolution of complex brains able to design, make, test and use these weapons effectively further back as well – leaving little more for evolution to do for nearly 300,000 years.  If these people were that smart, what kept them from getting civilized for so long?Evolutionists are wondering who the designers were – Homo heidelbergensis, perhaps?  Onlooker John Shea suggested the technology might go even farther back.  “This is just the oldest example we have so far of this technology—it doesn’t mean that this is where it first evolved.”  There’s a conundrum: the evolution of intelligent design.Paleoanthropology has more falsifications than you can shake a spear at.  Next they’ll be discovering the Heidelberg Man version of Shakespeare.  That will be the new script: baby pigs evolved into Hamlet.  They should be shuddering at this midsummer dream’s nightmare.  (It is midsummer in Africa, you know, but a winter’s tale up north.)  Instead, they think all’s well that ends badly, and any criticisms are much ado about nothing.  But what could be king-lear than admitting you’re wrong?  As you like it, they’d rather engage in the shaming of the true than admit their comedy of errors.  A tempest in a teapot, they respond dismissively, as if sneezing off their critics.  But to sneeze or not to sneeze, that is congestion.  Having taken our pound of flesh, measure for measure, we’ll require no further pun-itive damages.  Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  Go comet-watching this weekend.  Is there ice on ISON?last_img read more

Motlanthe firm on government policy

first_img“These policies are the property of a collective; they do not belong to any one individual,” Motlanthe told Members of Parliament, adding: “Mine is not the desire to deviate from what is working. It is not for me to reinvent policy, nor do I intend to reshape either Cabinet or the public service. South Africa’s government will continue to implement its policies unchanged, says President-elect Kgalema Motlanthe. These policies were clear, he said, and were based on the 2004 manifesto of the African National Congress (ANC), enhanced by the decisions of both the ANC’s policy conference as well as its 52nd National Conference held in Polokwane in December. Parliament on Thursday elected Motlanthe President of South Africa, a position he will hold until the country’s next elections in 2009. Thabo Mbeki resigned as President on Sunday after being asked to do so by the national executive committee of the African National Congress (ANC). “We are able to make such pronouncements with neither hesitation nor doubt, precisely because the policies we are charged to implement are the policies of the African National Congress.” Delivering his acceptance speech in Parliament in Cape Town on Thursday after being elected and sworn in as President of the South Africa, Motlanthe said the government’s policies were the product of an extensive consultation and decision-making process. Source: BuaNews On the contrary, the 59-year-old President said, the pace of implementation would only quicken and the fulfilment of the government’s mandate only draw closer under his leadership. 26 September 2008 As the country stood poised to make further advances towards a better life for all its citizens, it was “as important as ever that we retain our faith in the resilience of our constitutional order and the vibrancy of our democracy. Although there were still challenges, he said, South Africa had both the will and the means to rise above these. “We therefore stand here to send out a message that government remains on course to deliver on its commitments to the poor.” “We will not allow the work of government to be interrupted … We will not allow the stability of our democratic order to be compromised. And we will not allow the confidence that our people have in the ability of the state to respond to their needs to be undermined.”last_img read more

Meet the Presenter: Rosanne Rust MS, RDN Incorporating DASH Diet Principles into Everyday Living

first_imgby Lauren Sweeney MS, RDN Rosanne is owner of Rust Nutrition Services and provides nutrition communication services to the food industry and science-based medicine organizations. She helps consumers turn confusion into clarity, and mistrust into confidence. A researcher and writer at heart, Rosanne created her blog, Chew the Facts™ to help consumers decipher nutrition fact from myth, so they can relax and enjoy eating for better health. She’s co-authored several books, including topics related to the DASH diet, glycemic index, and calorie counting. A wife and mother of 3 sons, Rosanne practices what she preaches: A well-balanced life, that includes food and beverage splurges, along with an active lifestyle that includes jogging, walking, weight lifting, yoga, bike riding, golf, kayaking, hiking, boating, skiing, reading, traveling, and of course, good food shared with family and friends. Follow her on social media (@rustnutrition on Twitter or @chewthefacts on Instagram) or contact her at her website http://www.rustnutrition.com.Remember to RSVP for INCORPORATING DASH DIET PRINCIPLES INTO EVERYDAY LIVING Oct 9 at 11:00 am ET.  Dietitians earn 1.0 CPEUlast_img read more

Melinda Gates wants to fight sexist data

first_img Share your voice Bill Gates Steve Jobs Microsoft Now playing: Watch this: For these women, working at Amazon while pregnant ends… 1:56 Gates isn’t the only high-profile, tech-connected woman to speak out on social issues lately. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg published her book, Lean In, in 2013, encouraging women to advocate for themselves and others at work more often. Laurene Powell Jobs, who runs the Emerson Collective, a combination think tank and investment firm, and has begun investing in journalism like The Atlantic, Axios and Pop-Up Magazine, education and art exhibits.Gates, 54, discussed growing up in Texas, watching space launches that her aerospace engineer father had worked on. She got her start in technology early, when one of her teachers was inspired to get an Apple computer for students to learn on. Gates and her friends signed up and learned along with their teacher. In college, Gates studied computer science and soon found her way to Microsoft. She said one thing she didn’t like about working there was the “abrasive” culture. Within two years, she thought about leaving, in part because she found it had begun to wear off on her and she didn’t like who she was becoming.  Instead, she decided to push up against the company’s culture and ended up staying for nine years. “Even though it was abrasive, I loved what we were creating,” she said. She left working for Microsoft when she had her first child, but she said Bill Gates encouraged her to find something to do within a few months. “He knew how much I liked to work,” she said. “He knew I had that side of my brain, and I wanted to keep that alive.” In 2000, that work became the foundation, which has since become the world’s largest private charitable organization. And in 2015, she started Pivotal Ventures, an investment firm outside her foundation, focused on supporting women and families in the US. That’s all helped make her into one of the world’s most influential people, routinely showing up on the Forbes Power Women lists, among others.(FILES) Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (LAn early focus for Bill and Melinda Gates was vaccines. Here, in 1998, they announced a childhood vaccine program for the developing world. Getty Images Incomplete dataOne of Gates’ passions is contraception. She discussed it as giving choice to families in developing worlds who often fear having another kid because they won’t be able to feed and educate them. “Contraceptives allow us to time and space the births,” she said. In one case, she shared the story of a woman she met who adored her children but begged her to take them back to the US for a better life. “To give them away to a stranger, you have to know how destitute their situation is,” she said. As she began tackling these issues, though, she learned the data isn’t fairly tracked. For example, she said, economists don’t track unpaid labor at home that women statistically do more of. On average, she said, women do 90 minutes more of chores or parenting than their partner, a phenomenon she called a second shift after work. “Economists, which in the beginning a male-dominated field, measured productivity as ‘productive work,’ work you did in the workplace,” she said. “We have look at this unpaid labor and figure out how to recognize it and reduce it, and we have to redistribute it.” “I used to think the data was objective,” she said. “But in fact, data is actually really sexist.”She learned that when surveyors ask what income there is in a house, the men speak up first. Then the surveyors don’t usually follow up with the same question for the women. As a result, their incomes and their lives outside the home aren’t counted. “We don’t collect data on women, and we don’t collect data on their lives,” she said. “We have to invest in good data.” Culture Tech Industry Computerscenter_img 0 Some data points that frustrate her are that less than 2% of VC funding goes to woman-founded businesses, and even less for women of color.  And although the 2018 midterm election in the US saw a historic number of women run and win, in part as a response to the #MeToo movement, Gates noted that still only about a quarter of Congress is women.  “At its current rate, it’ll be 60 years until we have parity in Congress,” she said. “My oldest daughter will be 83.” That’s part of what inspired her to write the book and do the speaking tour, she said.  “I really feel like we have this window of opportunity, y’know, between the #MeToo movement and so many women coming out and running for elected office in 2018,” she said. “But these windows open and if we don’t take full advantage of them, they pass us by. I want to make sure we use this window to create equality around the world.” First published May 6 at 10:20 p.m. PT.Update, May 7 at 5 a.m. PT: Adds details. Tags Post a comment Melinda Gates’ first book is part autobiography, part call to arms over women’s issues. And she’s even pitched it with Oprah. Getty Images One of Melinda Gates’ pet peeves is that when people would discuss her and her husband’s roles at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they’d call him the brains and her the heart. “That’s complete bull,” she said. “Bill absolutely has a ginormous brain, but guess what, I have a pretty big brain too. And I have a really big heart, but guess what, my husband has a really big heart.” Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that after nearly 20 years as a philanthropist, set to strategically give away the vast majority of their tens of billions of dollars from when Bill Gates co-founded and ran Microsoft, Melinda has written her first book to discuss what she’s learned. The book, part autobiography, part call to arms, is called The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World. It was released last month and has become a New York Times bestseller. She came to Dominican University of California in San Rafael, about a half hour north of San Francisco, to discuss it in an event Monday with the singer and actress Mandy Moore. We don’t collect data on women, and we don’t collect data on their lives. We have to invest in good data. Melinda Gateslast_img read more

Watch Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju has breakfast with athletes coaches at stadium

first_imgKiren Rijiju took over as Sports Minister in the newly-formed ministryPress Information BureauNewly-appointed minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, Kiren Rijiju decided to take a unique step in order to understand issues related to Indian sportspersons and coaches. The young minister paid a visit to the Jawahar Lal Nehru stadium in New Delhi and headed to the athletes’ mess for joining them at breakfast.The official Twitter handle of Sports Authority of India (SAI) tweeted the video showing Rijiju at a table with athletes and coaches, having breakfast and also discussions. The tweet also mentioned the dishes that the minister decided to partake in. “Sprouts, eggs, corns & dalia was what he picked from the breakfast buffet and spoke to coaches and young athletes as he enjoyed his meal,” the message in the post informed.Kiren Rijiju had been the Minister of State, Home Affairs in the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance government from 2014-19. Against the anticipation of most people, the incumbent minister at the end of the term of the last administration, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, was replaced by Rijiju.Sports Minister @KirenRijiju went to the athletes mess at JLN stadium to have breakfast with them.?Sprouts, eggs, corns & dalia was what he picked from the breakfast buffet and spoke to coaches and young athletes as he enjoyed his meal.@KirenRijiju @IndiaSports #KheloIndia pic.twitter.com/G2ixUVc6e2— SAIMedia (@Media_SAI) June 14, 2019Twitter/SAI MediaThe 47-year old minister hails from Arunachal Pradesh and is a self-confessed football fan. At the launch of one of the governments’ sports-related programs, he even went to the extent of saying that if he hadn’t been in politics, he would have become a sportsperson.The venue chosen by the minister for his visit was both convenient and symbolically apt. The Jawaharlal Nehru stadium was the venue of the opening ceremony of the 2010 Commonwealth Games as well as the main venue for the track and field events. It also hosted the opening ceremony and the opening match of the 2017 FIFA Under-17 World Cup and is used as a home ground by Delhi Dynamos in the Indian Super League (ISL). Being located in New Delhi, it is also not far from the minister’s residence. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics around a year away, Rijiju seems to be in a mood to hit the ground running. Hopefully, his hands-on approach would help the players and coaches during next year’s biggest sporting extravaganza.last_img read more

HC clears way for Afroza Abbas to go abroad

first_imgAfroza AbbasThe High Court on Sunday cleared the way for Afroza Abbas, president of Jatiyatabadi Mohila Dal, to go abroad and return home freely, reports UNB.A bench of justice Tariq-ul Hakim and justice Md Shohrowardi handed down the verdict over a writ petition filed by Afroza, said her lawyer Sagir Hossain Leon.He said a day earlier on 2 March, Afroza Abbas reached the airport to go to Malaysia to visit her relatives in a hospital there but the duty immigration officer prevented her from boarding her flight. Later, the official told her that she could not go abroad.Following the incident, she filed the writ petition with HC and the court passed the order. The HC also issued a rule asking the government to explain in four weeks why the immigration officers’ action to bar Afroza from going abroad on Saturday should not be declared illegal.last_img read more

Kashmir bombing mastermind killed claims India

first_imgA house where suspected militants were holding up is seen in flames during a gun battle with Indian security forces in Pinglan village in south Kashmir`s Pulwama district 18 February, 2019. Photo: ReutersIndian forces on Monday killed three militants, including the suspected organiser of a suicide bombing in the disputed region of Kashmir that fuelled tension between nuclear-armed India and Pakistan, police said, with five troops also killed in the clash.The suicide bomb attack on a paramilitary police convoy in Indian-controlled Kashmir last Thursday killed at least 40 men, the deadliest single assault on Indian forces in 30 years of insurgency in the Muslim-majority region.The Pakistan-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) claimed responsibility for the attack. India accuses Pakistan for harbouring the group. Pakistan denies that.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, facing an election that must be held by May, is under domestic pressure for decisive action against Pakistan.Modi has promised a strong response and says he has given the military a free hand to tackle cross-border militancy.The three militants killed in the clash on Monday were all Pakistani nationals and members of JeM, two security sources said.”The encounter is still in progress and the security forces are on the job,” police said in a statement.But the 17-hour engagement, that ended shortly before 1330 GMT, came at a cost for India’s security services.Four Indian soldiers and a policeman were killed, while nine troops were wounded, including a brigadier, one of the army’s top roles, and a deputy inspector general of police.A civilian was also killed.”They have protection. Our officers and men are exposed, whereas they’re in the built up area, hiding,” said K. Rajendra Kumar, a former director general of police in Jammu and Kashmir.Security force sources told Reuters one of the dead militants had been identified as Abdul Rashid Gazi, who went by the alias Kamran Bhai and is suspected of playing a leading role in organising Thursday’s attack.Indian troops had earlier cordoned off Pinglan village in Kashmir’s Pulwama district, where the attack took place on Thursday.An indefinite curfew has been imposed and police have asked people to stay indoors.Mohammad Yunis, a journalist in Pulwama, said troops were searching the village and civilians trapped in houses were being evacuated.On Sunday, police said Indian forces had detained 23 men suspected of links to the militants who carried out the Thursday bombing.BOLLYWOOD BANKashmir is at the heart of decades of hostility between India and Pakistan. They both claim it in full but rule it in part.India withdrew trade privileges offered to Pakistan after the bomb attack and has warned of further action.The United States had told India it supported its right to defend itself against cross-border attacks, India said on Saturday.With tension mounting, Pakistan withdrew its envoy to India for consultations, a spokesman for Pakistan’s foreign ministry said on Twitter on Monday.The Thursday bomb attack has sparked outrage in India with calls for revenge circulating on social media, and rising animosity towards Kashmiri Muslims in other parts of the Hindu-majority country, to the alarm of rights groups.”We are at a dangerous moment, and authorities must do everything they can to uphold the rule of law,” said Aakar Patel, head of Amnesty India.”Ordinary Kashmiris across India who are only seeking to improve their lives should not be singled out for violence simply because of where they come from.”The anger has also spread to India’s two big obsessions: cricket and its Bollywood film industry.Several cricket fans and a sport official have called on India to boycott a World Cup match against Pakistan in June, while the Cricket Club of India has covered up a portrait of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan – himself a former cricketer – at its Mumbai office.The All India Cine Workers Association called for a “total ban” on Pakistanis working in India’s film industry, though they have been largely blacklisted from Bollywood since a similar attack in Kashmir in 2016 in which 19 soldiers died.The Confederation of All India Traders called for a nationwide strike to protest against the attack, and footage from Reuters partner ANI showed shuttered shops in several states on Monday.last_img

Former Webel MD no more

first_imgKolkata: Nandan Bhattacharya, former managing director of Webel passed away in the wee hours on Sunday.Bhattacharya was a visionary who crafted today’s Sector V popularly known as the IT Hub , the pride of Kolkata. He was instrumental in Bengal’s transition from Electronics to IT. The technocrat till his last days was a social worker and was a pillar of support for the challenged sector of the society. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. The body of Bhattacharya has been kept in Peace World. The last rites will be performed at Nimtala Crematorium around 11 am on Monday.last_img read more

Learn How to Automate Excel Tasks With This Comprehensive Guide

first_img 2 min read Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. December 4, 2018center_img Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella once deemed Excel the company’s most important consumer product, telling a 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival audience that it’s “just impossible” for him to imagine a world without the spreadsheet software program. Want to know what all the hype’s about? Take advantage of everything Excel has to offer with the Microsoft VBA Bundle, a comprehensive run-down of the Excel programming language Visual Basic for Applications—a.k.a. your new secret weapon.VBA allows you to automate tasks in Excel by writing recordings of actions (“macros”), kickstarting your data-handling abilities and, in turn, your productivity. The bundle’s first course covers all the basics of VBA, including variables, subroutines, and functions, as well as the PivotTable object and its uses.The second course, Advanced VBA, expands upon its predecessor with hours of content covering the implementation of Excel events, special classes of objects, cross-functional flowcharts, modification of the Excel user interface, and more. Both courses are accredited by CPDUK, making them excellent add-ons to your résumé.Head over to the Entrepreneur Store, where you’ll find Microsoft VBA and Advanced VBA bundled together (and on sale) for $29.99—78 percent off the original price of $138.last_img read more

Watch the exact moment a flight attendant realized their flight landed in

first_img Thursday, March 28, 2019 << Previous PostNext Post >> Watch the exact moment a flight attendant realized their flight landed in the wrong city Posted by Travelweek Group Tags: British Airways, Funnycenter_img Who likes my meme #BA3271 pic.twitter.com/a9RrNSde59— Scottish Traveller (@ScottishTravel3) March 25, 2019 I have fallen asleep, missed my stop and woken up at the end of the district line before. This morning I never expected to wake up from my Dusseldorf bound flight…in Edinburgh! @British_Airways #BritishAirways #BA3271— Peter James-Hamilton (@PJamesHamilton) March 25, 2019Even Edinburgh Airport had a few laughs, with a spokesperson saying: “We’re a welcoming airport that is always happy to greet visitors from all over the world to our fantastic city, but this was a surprise for us as well as them! We were happy to work with the various teams across the airport to help make the trip to Edinburgh a pleasurable, albeit short, one.”More news:  Can you guess the one and only hotel company to rank on Indeed’s Top Workplaces in Canada list?A spokesman for WDL Aviation said that the airline is working closely with authorities to investigate how the mix-up of flight schedules occurred. The spokesperson also confirmed that the airline will be contacting each customer individually to apologize. EDINBURGH — Passengers onboard a recent flight from London to Dusseldorf first noticed something was off when they heard a cheery “welcome to Edinburgh” over the PA system.Edinburgh? As in Scotland? As in a totally different country from Germany?!Turns out the British Airways flight, which was being operated by German-based WDL Aviation on a lease agreement, mistakenly landed 500 miles away in the Scottish capital after the pilot was given an incorrect flight plan.The flight attendant onboard made light of the situation, calling out over the PA system, “Holy schmoly! No one to Edinburgh? No one to Edinburgh?”He also jokingly asked passengers to not make photos or videos, knowing full well the mix-up would instantly go viral on social media.Of course, unbeknownst to him, the flight attendant’s announcement was already being videotaped by a passenger. In the video, he’s also heard saying, “We apologize about that, we don’t know where the problem is. But it has happened and we do the best to bring you as soon as possible to Dusseldorf.”More news:  Virgin Voyages de-activates Quebec accounts at FirstMates agent portalAfter refueling in Edinburgh, the plane once again took off for Dusseldorf at 10:30 a.m. The flying-faux-pas ended up adding an additional one hour and 20 minutes to the total flight time.To their credit, most of the passengers onboard found the whole thing hilarious. Once the story went viral, people around the world took to Twitter to poke fun at the situation.Irwell Johnson tweeted in support of BA implementing ‘mystery’ plane tickets as a permanent feature: “I think it would be fab if you could buy a mystery lottery plane ticket. A weekend return, hand luggage only. You only find out where you’re going when you get there.”I think it would be fab if you could buy a mystery lottery plane ticket. A weekend return, hand luggage only. You only find out where you’re going when you get there.Cool AF.BBC News – BA flight lands in Edinburgh instead of Düsseldorf by mistakehttps://t.co/0yvoO57cbI— Irwell Johnson (@IrwellJohnson) March 25, 2019 Sharelast_img read more