PETAR NENADIC SHOW Telekom Veszprem going for trophy in Cologne

Telekom Veszprem are in another VELUX EHF Champions League Final! The Hungarian champions beat PGE Vive Kielce 33:30 (13:13) in the first semi-final of the spectacular event at Lanxess Arena in Cologne.In the first half Arpad Sterbik was the key person in Veszprem’s jersey until 21th minute, when he got injured, but in the second, the whole handball world has seen outstanding performance of Petar Nenadic who scored 12 goals and took his team into the last 60 minutes for the desired trophy…Veszprem-Vive Kielce 33-30 (13-13)Veszprem: Petar Nenadic 12, Dragan Gajic 5, Mate Lekai 4, Manuel Strlek 4, Laszlo Nagy 3, Kent Tönnesen 2, Blaz Blagotinsek 2, Momir Ilic 1.Vive Kielce: Alex Dujshebaev 7, Artsem Karalek 5, Luka Cindric 5, Uladzislau Kulesh 3, Blaz Janc 3, Arkadiusz Moryto 2, Marko Mamic 2, Mateusz Jachlewski 1, Mariusz Jurkiewicz 1, Angel Fernandez 1.Mandatory Credit © Jozo Cabraja / kolektiff ← Previous Story PLAYERS PARTY IN COLOGNE: Four selfies, the winner can be only one… Next Story → Mate Lekai: We want this trophy Petar NenadicTelekom Veszprem read more

Igor Karacic is EHF CL Final4 MVP

← Previous Story RK VARDAR are VELUX EHF CL 2019 winners! Next Story → Rogerio Moraes Ferreira: I didn’t even dream about two titles in Cologne Igor Karacic is the Most Valuable Player of the VELUX EHF Champions League Final4.Most Valued Player of the VELUX EHF FINAL4 is @HCVardar‘s Igor Karacic! #veluxehfcl #ehffinal4 #hellocologne— EHF Champions League (@ehfcl) June 2, 2019photo: Jozo Cabraja, kolektiff Igor Karacic MVP

Egyptian judge walks out on trial of Irish teenager

first_imgAt least 97 people died in last year’s protests in Ramsis in Cairo. Those charged include 12 minors, who were held in detention with adults, in direct contravention of Egyptian law.Amid reports that the hearing was abandoned, Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland said:This trial is little more than a pantomime. In recent months Egyptian courts appear to have been handing out mass death sentences based on flimsy evidence and following deeply flawed proceedings. These show trials followed by mass death sentences are becoming Egypt’s grim trademark.More than 400 of the 494 defendants are charged with murder and attempted murder, offences that are normally punishable by death under Egyptian law.The remainder are charged with offences including destroying public property, protesting without authorisation, attacking security forces and hindering the work of national institutions.Amnesty International has concluded that Ibrahim Halawa is a Prisoner of Conscience, detained “solely for peacefully exercising his right to freedom of expression”.The organisation is calling for him to be released immediately and unconditionally, with all charges against him dropped.“Ibrahim’s case is just one of many cases of injustice being meted out in Egypt’s courts. It shows the government’s determination to flout its obligations under international law,” said O’Gorman.Read: Costello: “I pulled out all the stops” to free Irish teen from Egyptian prisonRead: Flanagan meets with family of Ibrahim Halawa, insists Department is pressuring Egypt Ibrahim Halawa, 17 y/o, of Irish-Egyptian nationality, taken from Alfateh Mosque & detained for 7 months #NotANumber— #أنا_مش_رقم (@EgyDungeons) March 14, 2014 THE JUDGE IN the case of 480 supporters of ousted Egyptian leader Mohamed Morsi, including an Irish teenager, has walked out of the trial, reports say.Anti-death penalty charity Reprieve said that the judge in the trial, which could have seen many of those convicted put to death, walked out this afternoon.Ibrahim Halawa, from South Dublin, was arrested at a pro-Morsi demonstration last August along with his three sisters, who have all since been released. The charges against him remain unclear, his family say.Maya Foa, head of the death penalty team at Reprieve, which is assisting Halawa, said:Today’s events show this ‘trial’ for the farce it really is. We’re now likely to see further chaos and even more delays, but Ibrahim’s illegal detention has already gone on too long.“The Irish government and the European Union need to take urgent action to secure his immediate release, while calling for a fair trial for the hundreds of people arrested alongside him.”center_img Source: #أنا_مش_رقم/Twitterlast_img read more

Opinion Life doesnt begin or end with those elusive CAO points

first_imgLEAVING CERT RESULTS Day. Being ancient (according to my children) means that I remember this day in crystal moments, not as a full day. Driving my mother mad by not collecting my results until later on in the day. Crying bitter tears as I missed my number one choice on the CAO by 5 points. Going to another school with friends to get their results. Standing in a local pub with a drink in my hand that evening not knowing how to celebrate as I felt like I’d failed.A time later I started college; my second choice course, a contingency. I knew early on that it wasn’t for me, that one of the subjects I’d selected wasn’t sitting right. It was like a shirt that was a bit too short, too tight, too uncomfortable. No matter how much I pulled it into place the shirt never sat right. I left; fled college and started working. To this day I have massive feelings of regret that I have never finished that degree. I’ve since completed many night courses and have a wealth of qualifications that I rarely use on my CV but no “magic” degree.I wouldn’t change my life for the worldThe ESRI study Leaving School in Ireland: A Longitudinal Study of Post School Transitions published this week says that “almost half of school leavers (47%) would not choose the same post-school pathway if they could choose again either completely or ‘to some extent’. It’s a really interesting study to be published this week, considering the context of the Leaving Certificate results today.So now that I’m in my mid-thirties would I choose the same “post-school pathway”?Perhaps it comes from being older or more mature that I think now that my pathway was the right one for me. At some point in the future I would love to return to that college degree but I know that right now with small children it’s not a viable option. My journey through life has brought me to where I am today and I wouldn’t change my life for the world (well, perhaps a little less housework would be good!).One of the things that I’ve learned since I left school is that life doesn’t begin or end with those elusive CAO points or the course that you choose. Life skills that I picked up in childhood have given me a brilliant foundation to work with.You can achieve a lot, regardless of formal qualifications This year saw the publication of my first book, which isn’t bad for somebody who never completed their formal third level education. The cookbook has over 100 recipes that I designed around living on a tight budget, and I took all the photographs myself. I never would have been able to do it if I hadn’t learned how to cook for a family as I was growing up.Transition Year gave me typing and office skills along with great work experience. When I started working full-time, being able to speed-type, speed-read and knowing my way around an office found me a great starter job.Ten years after I left school, I became the Irish PA of the Year, despite not having those magic formal qualifications.If things don’t go your way today or over the next few weeks when the offers are made, accepted or rejected, remember there are always other choices and options. Who knows where you will be in 10, 20 or even 30 years time?Caitriona Redmond will finish that college degree someday! She writes the blog Wholesome Ireland, you can also find her on Twitter @wholesomeIE and Facebook. Her first cookbook “Wholesome – Feed Your Family Well For Less” is published by Mercier Press and can be found here.Read: Not happy with your Leaving Cert results? Here’s some useful adviceRead: The results are out: How students got on with the Leaving Certificatelast_img read more

Farright Golden Dawn denied public space to campaign in Thessaloniki

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Thessaloniki’s municipal administration has denied Golden Dawn a public space to campaign ahead of the national elections on 7 July.There are currently 140 locations around the city where electoral gazebos can be set up. It was decided that 70 per cent of these would go to parties that entered parliament in 2015, except Golden Dawn, the Independent Greeks and Potami which are not running in the upcoming elections. The remainder 30 per cent of spaces are to go to groups that are currently not in Parliament as well as to other organisations.The Golden Dawn party, inspired by Nazi organisations in its symbolism and set-up, halved its support from 9.4 to 4.88 per cent in the European elections. The party has had numerous allegations of violence and internal strife, including arrests. Party members are currently on trial for the 2013 murder of left-wing rapper Pavlos Fyssas. The current left-wing SYRIZA government has cracked down on extremism.A number of Golden Dawn’s supporters have moved to ultra-nationalist/pro-Russian Elliniki Lysi (Greek solution) that garnered 4.18 per cent of support and sent an MEP to European Parliament.last_img read more

Pesticides 1 million de signatures pour Urgence pour les abeilles

first_imgPesticides : 1 million de signatures pour “Urgence pour les abeilles”L’Union nationale de l’apiculture française (Unaf) a présenté hier au ministre de l’Agriculture Bruno Le Maire, une pétition signée par plus d’un million de personnes et réclamant l’interdiction des pesticides soupçonnés d’être à l’origine de l’inquiétante surmortalité des abeilles.Apportée hier au ministère par une délégation de représentants de l’Unaf et de l’organisation mondiale de citoyens, la pétition “Urgence pour les abeilles” a été signée par 190.000 personnes en France, et 1,1 million à travers le monde. “La France est le troisième consommateur mondial d’insecticide derrière les Etats-Unis et le Japon. Ces produits ont un effet violent sur les insectes. Le ministre fait pourtant la sourde oreille. Le gouvernement doit prendre ses responsabilités et non céder sous la pression du puissant lobby des firmes céréalières”, s’insurge Olivier Belval, membre de l’Unaf cité par le site de France Soir.À lire aussiQuand 30 frelons japonais s’en prennent à un essaim de 30.000 abeilles (Vidéo)Si l’insecticide Cruiser, le plus craint par les apiculteurs, a vu son autorisation de mise sur le marché annulée par le Conseil d’Etat mercredi, le Cruiser 350, tout aussi toxique, devrait lui succéder. N’ayant pas été interdit, ce pesticide pourrait dès le printemps prochain, être utilisé sur les cultures de tournesol.Alors que les abeilles sont partout dans le monde, et tout particulièrement en Europe, victimes d’une surmortalité non expliquée, phénomène baptisé “Syndrome d’effondrement des colonies”, la pétition “exhorte la France et l’Union européenne à interdire les pesticides néonicotinoïdes jusqu’à ce que et seulement si de nouvelles études scientifiques indépendantes prouvent leur innocuité”. Le document a également été remis à Bruxelles et à Washington.Le 18 février 2011 à 15:46 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Coral Vita cette startup qui a trouvé comment faire pousser du corail

first_imgCette start-up a trouvé comment faire pousser du corail 50 fois plus vite que la natureUne start-up basée aux Bahamas a lancé une idée un peu folle : faire pousser du corail 50 fois plus rapidement qu’il ne le fait dans la nature. Les premiers clients tapent déjà à la porte.Le corail, ces petits animaux caractérisés par un squelette calcaire qui vivent au fond de l’océan sous forme de barrière et qui sont terriblement menacés par l’exploitation humaine. Que ce soit le réchauffement climatique, l’acidification des océans ou les forages pétroliers, on estime que déjà la moitié du corail de la planète a disparu. Et que, d’ici 2050, seuls 10% de la population actuelle pourrait encore survivre.Pourtant, le corail a une importance capitale. Et ce, à plusieurs niveaux. Les barrières, pouvant culminer jusqu’à 50 centimètres de hauteur, sont très utiles pour protéger les plages, servant en quelque sorte de brise lame naturelle. Mais surtout, bien qu’ils ne couvrent qu’1% de la superficie planétaire des océans, les coraux abritent un quart de la vie marine sur Terre.Sa disparition implique de nombreux soucis, notamment pour les populations qui dépendent de la pêche. Sans corail, plus de poisson, et sans poisson, plus de moyens de subsister. La tragédie n’est donc pas seulement écologique, elle est aussi socio-économique.Coral Vita fait pousser le corail à l’échelle industrielle C’est là où Gator Helpern entre en jeu. A 29 ans, il a créé une start-up aux Bahamas avec pour but de faire pousser du corail. Et ce, à la vitesse grand V. Coral Vita, le nom de son entreprise, promet de faire pousser du corail 50 fois plus vite que dans la nature et même d’en créer.Sa technique est assez simple pour accélérer la croissance du corail. “Les coraux grandissent en colonies de polypes individuels, chaque animal est un polype et un seul corail est le fruit de plusieurs centaines ou milliers de polypes. Nous cassons le corail en plein de petits polypes solitaires, et cela a pour effet de les faire grandir beaucoup plus vite, avant qu’ils ne reforment un corail plus large. Et on répète l’opération plusieurs centaines de fois”, explique Gator Helpern.Aidé par plusieurs laboratoires marins en Floride et par l’institut de biologie marine d’Hawaï, Coral Vita fait donc pousser des coraux dans des réservoirs remplis d’eau de mer dont on peut contrôler tous les paramètres, dont la salinité, la chaleur ou encore l’exposition au soleil. Mais le but n’est pas seulement de faire pousser du corail.”On espère arriver à entrainer les coraux à être plus résistants face à la chaleur ou l’acidification des océans. On peut également voir quel génotypes sont plus résistants dans les conditions extrêmes et ne replanter que celui-ci dans la nature”, continue Helpern.Les Nations-Unies ont déjà apporté leur soutien À lire aussiUn plongeur se fait attaquer par un lion de merEt ne pensez pas que le projet est farfelu : de nombreux universités à travers le monde lui ont déjà délivré des fonds, tout comme les Nations-Unies qui lui ont décerné le titre de “jeune champion de la Terre 2018” pour la région des Caraïbes. Comme quoi son idée semble être particulièrement révolutionnaire.D’après les dires de Gator Helpern, sa méthode pourrait permettre de faire pousser un petit récif en six à huit mois et un récif habitable par les poissons en moins d’un an. Son but étant de replanter des coraux dans des environnements où ils ont une chance de survivre : “On essaye de se focaliser sur les endroits où la surpêche et la pollution ne sont plus des problèmes. On ne met pas de coraux dans un endroit où il ne pourra pas survivre”.Pour la première fois, une entreprise cherche à faire du profit en restaurant les coraux. Une nécessité pour aller plus vite et ne pas attendre les donations ou les fonds nécessaires à faire avancer les projets. De nombreux hôtels de luxe ont déjà passé commande, mais aussi des communautés et des gouvernements dont les populations sont touchées par la destruction rapide des coraux.Le 30 novembre 2018 à 18:47 • Kevin Domaslast_img read more

Gold and Silver Pokémon Coming to Pokémon GO

first_imgStay on target One of the biggest requests Niantic has gotten from Pokémon GO players is for the addition of more Pokémon to catch. Though there have been a few Gen 2 Pokemon added in the past few months, the vast majority of the roster is from Gen 1.Later this week, users’ wishes will, at last, be fulfilled. Niantic has just announced that the wildly popular mobile game will add 80 new Gold & Silver Pokemon from the Johto compendium. Also, there will be new berry types and trainer accessories.“Today is a momentous occasion for our team here at Niantic which has been hard at work to deliver these additional Pokémon and build upon the encounter and capture mechanics for our passionate global community of Trainers playing Pokémon GO,” says John Hanke, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Niantic, Inc. “Pokémon GO is a live experience which we’ll be continuing to support and evolve in new and exciting ways for years to come with new gameplay features, in-game and live events, more Pokémon to discover and much more.”Niantic goes on to say: “While catching Pokémon, Trainers can use two new Berries—the Nanab Berry, which slows a Pokémon’s movements, and the Pinap Berry, which doubles the amount of Candy received if the next catch attempt succeeds. Trainers will also be able to customize their avatar’s appearance with a new selection of hats, shirts, pants, and other items. Additional items will be available for purchase from the in-game Pokémon GO shop.”For those who are still playing Pokémon GO, this is indeed a nice update. With Spring just around the corner, this update comes at a perfect time since folks will start going (into the scary) outdoors more. The update will go live sometime between now and Saturday so be on the lookout for it. Battle Team Rocket in New ‘Pokemon Go’ Update‘Pokemon Sleep’ Puts Pocket Monsters in Your Dreams last_img read more

See the 8 ‘Star Wars’ Planets in Our Own Milky Way Galaxy

first_img Star Wars universe planets, including icy Hoth and sandy Tatooine, are sadly not real. However, our Milky Way galaxy has exoplanets that are strikingly similar to their fantasy counterparts, and they offer cool insights into the solar system.In honor of Star Wars Day, NASA recently compared eight real-life exoplanets to mesmerizing planets featured in some Star Wars films in a press release. No signs of life have been detected on any of the roughly 4,000 exoplanets, so it’s uncertain if dewbacks, wookiees, or ewoks reside there. However, may the Fourth be with you and feast your eyes on our Milky Way galaxy’s breathtaking “Star Wars” exoplanets.In a galaxy not-so-far-away, there are 8 planets that will make you think #StarWars could be real! These exoplanets have uncanny characteristics to their movie counterparts and reside in our own cosmic neighborhood. Learn more: #MayThe4thBeWithYou— NASA Blueshift (@NASAblueshift) May 4, 2019CoruscantThe Coruscant-like world Kepler-452b. (Photo Credit: NASA Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle)Kepler-452b, the exoplanet with Earth-like properties, could be a good comparison to Coruscant, the futuristic hub with a surface fenced in a single, globe-spinning metropolis. Like Coruscant, Kepler-452b might need some climate engineering if inhabited, since this planet, which belongs to a star system that’s 1.5 billion years older than our planet’s, has warmer conditions.BespinOn the planet Bespin, the Cloud City floats in the clouds, which might be present on a cool gas planet. (Photo Credit: ESO/L. Calçada)In Star Wars: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back (1980), Bespin, a gas giant, is home to a bustling “Cloud City” that participates in atmospheric mining. NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has detected “hot Jupiters” which are too warm for floating metropolises. However, one of NASA’s internal astronomical teams found a twin of Jupiter, which orbits its star roughly the same distance as Jupiter is from the sun. The star, dubbed HIP 11915, is approximately the same age as our sun.MustafarCoRoT-7b, a scorching planet, bears a striking resemblance to the planet Mustafar. (Photo Credit: ESO/L. Calçada)Can you feel the heat? Mustafar, the planet where Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker battled it out in Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith (2005), looks like Kepler-10b and Kepler-78b, molten, lava-covered rocky planets in Earth’s size range. But, CoRoT-7b, a 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit planet, beats both Kepler-10b and Kepler-78b when it comes to a scorching hot atmosphere. HothOGLE-2005-BLG-390, an ice planet, is nicknamed after Hoth. (Photo Credit: NASA, ESA and G. Bacon-STScI)Planet OGLE-2005-BLG-390, also known as “Hoth,” is a very cold planet that could be a “failed Jupiter,” according to NASA. The planet, which resembles the icy hub of Hoth in Star Wars, is located in the center of the Milky Way and has a surface temperature estimated to be minus 364 degrees Fahrenheit. (Ice, ice baby.) Even the wampas wouldn’t be able to stand the chill.TatooineThe Kepler-16 binary star system creates a “double sunset effect” similar to the one on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet. (Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle)Tatooine, Luke Skywalker’s home planet, has a desert-like climate and twin suns. Kepler-16b, a planet discovered to be in “circumbinary orbit” (circling two stars), also creates a “double sunset effect” similar to Tatooine. However, the planet is most likely cold, partly composed of rock, and is gaseous.KaminoKepler-22b looks like Kamino’s ocean world landscape. (Photo Credit: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech)Under the sea? Nope, it’s Kamino, an ocean world that’s inhabited by bug-eyed, long-necked cloners. Kepler-22b is a super-Earth that might be covered in a massive ocean: it’s 2.4 times Earth’s radius and could be gaseous. However, one upside to this situation: Scientists determined that due to the exoplanet’s bizarre tilt, the climate could be spring-like all year long.EndorAstronomers continue to search for the first confirmed exomoons, similar to Endor, a forested moon in ‘Star Wars.’ (Photo Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser/Nick Risinger)Endor, a forested moon in Star Wars, is the homeworld of the ewoks. However, exomoon detection is still in the beginning stages for scientists on our planet. A possible exomoon, also known as a moon circling a distant planet, was reportedly observed in 2014. Sadly, the microlensing event can only be seen once, so it won’t be possible to officially confirm the sight.AlderaanLike Alderaan, very young stars can be surrounded by a disk of dust and gas. (Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)Princess Leia’s home planet, Alderaan, is blasted by the Empire’s Death Star in Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope (1977). Similar to this scenario, a white dwarf star was spotted swallowing the last remains of a small planet in 2015, thanks to NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. White dwarfs are super-dense stellar remains, but they have gravity more than 10,000 times our sun’s surface and can destroy anything caught up in their pulls. More on the Fourth Be With You With These Epic Star Wars Deals Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in ‘Star Wars,’ Dies at Age 74Cool Gifts for Every ‘Star Wars’ Junkie Star Wars x Adidas Ultraboost Photos Have Leaked’Star Wars Pinball’ Has Your Favorite Brand in Ball Form Stay on targetlast_img read more

iTunes Dies, Splits Into Three New Apple Apps

first_img Update: As rumored, at WWDC we learned that iTunes as we currently know it is going away. Instead, the admittedly overstuffed app is being split into three new services as part of the next Mac OS Catalina. Expect new dedicated apps for Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV that should be even more fleshed out since they don’t need to co-exist in the same program anymore.Way back in 2001, before the Apple Watch and iPad and iPhone, it was the iPod that truly marked Apple’s rebirth. Free from the baggage of the floundering Mac platform, the stylish and convenient music player brought a level a mainstream awareness and coolness Apple never had but certainly does now. And key to the success of the iPhone was iTunes, an online music store way easier than buying CDs but way less illegal than Napster.But while the legacy of iTunes will always loom large, it’s actual days may be numbered. Multiple sites are now reporting that according Apple industry insiders, iTunes will shut down at the end of this fiscal year on March 31, 2019.Now don’t freak out just yet. One piece of this rumor that remains constant is that existing users won’t lose anything. You can keep listening to all the music you’ve already purchased on whatever devices (even a HomePod) you’ve already purchased. You can keep watching videos. And you can keep uploading files so you can keep listening when you’re offline.However, after this shut down, Apple would stop adding new items to iTunes. You also wouldn’t be able to buy any new songs through iTunes. A big hint that this is true is that Apple has stopped letting bands apply for the featured spot on iTunes. An even bigger hint is that Apple executive and Beats By Dre co-conspirator Jimmy Iovine has literally said iTunes will shut down. He just didn’t commit to this March 2019 deadline.But just because Apple is giving up on iTunes doesn’t mean it’s giving up on music. Far from it. Theoretically, the reason for this shut down would be to free up resources and improve Apple’s streaming Spotify competitor Apple Music. The loss of iTunes may hurt some on a nostalgic level (or not considering how many folks actually can’t stand the program and only put up with it because it’s Apple) but streaming is clearly the future of listening to music with modern tech.We should also mention that other rumors suggest March 31, 2019 will only be the day Apple announces the iTunes shutdown, not the day of shutdown itself. That would give users plenty of time to prepare and pour one out. But regardless of when it happens, it seems like soon we won’t have old iTunes to kick around anymore.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro Have More Cameras, More ProblemsApple Arcade Launches Next Week Stay on targetlast_img read more

ASA Hails Senate Passage of Waterways Bill Conference Report

first_imgThe American Soybean Association welcomed today’s passage by the Senate of the conference report of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA). The report, which passed the House overwhelmingly earlier in the week, contains several of ASA’s key policy priorities.“The Senate’s passage of the waterways bill conference report today is another critical step toward ensuring a critical component of the soybean supply chain will receive the attention and upkeep it needs to keep our products moving,” said ASA President and Iowa farmer Ray Gaesser. “Reliable waterways help take our soybeans from major growing regions to domestic processors and major exporting terminals, then on to valuable trading partners around the world. The efficiency of that system gives us a significant advantage over other soybean-producing nations, and is a huge part of why soybeans lead the nation in agricultural exports. Soybean farmers appreciate the work of Chairwoman Boxer and Ranking Member Vitter in helping to craft and pass legislation that will give our waterways infrastructure network the attention it needs.”Included in the conference report are ASA-supported provisions that will free up significant funding within the Inland Waterways Trust Fund for additional waterways infrastructure projects; increase the level of Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund dollars that will be spent on port maintenance and dredging; streamline the Army Corps of Engineers’ project review process; increase Corps flexibility to maintain navigation during low water events; and promote the use of alternative financing and public-private partnerships to fund waterways infrastructure.last_img read more

BT Nationwide Building Society and Citi Group shortlisted for best benefits communication

first_imgBT (pictured), Citi Group, FirstGroup and Nationwide Building Society are among the organisations shortlisted in the best benefits communications, large employer category at the Employee Benefits Awards 2018.This award recognises the most effective benefits communication strategies implemented by large employers with more than 5,000 staff.The full category shortlist is:AWE, AWE and Me My Choice (Entered by Unum)BT, BT Your Rewards Launch (Entered by Benefex)Citi Group, Select (Entered by Standard Life)FirstGroup, FirstGroup SAYE 2017 (Entered by Computershare)Manchester Airport Group, Benefits Me (Entered by Aon)The winning employer will be announced during a lunch-time awards ceremony at the Employee Benefits Awards and Summer Part 2018 at The Pavilion at The Tower of London on Friday 8 June 2018.See the full shortlist.For more information or to book your table.last_img read more

Mopar opens preorders for the 1000hp Hellephant crate engine

first_imgEnlarge ImageOn “Hemi Day,” 4/26, Mopar is opening preorders for this supercharged V8 crate engine. Mopar Is there such a thing as too much horsepower? The folks at Mopar, FCA’s parts and service brand, don’t seem to think so. Mopar on Friday opened up the preorder process for buyers who are interested in the Hellephant crate engine, which is rated for a frankly ludicrous 1,000 horsepower and 950 pound-feet of torque.The Hellephant was first revealed at last year’s SEMA show, stuffed into a resto-modded 1968 Dodge Charger dubbed, appropriately, the Super Charger. Beginning preorders today is appropriate as Mopar dubs April 26 “Hemi day” — paying reference to the original, 426-cubic-inch displacement of the Hemi V8. Interested buyers can sign up at Hellephant crate engine is even more extreme than the prior 707-hp “Hellcrate” engine introduced in 2017, which was essentially a Charger/Challenger Hellcat motor for DIYers. The Hellephant’s all-aluminum block retains the famous 426-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) displacement, with a supercharger on top helping boost output to 1,000 hp.You’ll pay $29,995 for the Hellephant, which sure seems like a lot of horsepower for the price of a Honda Accord. Of course, you’ll have to install the motor in something, a task that Mopar makes easier if you opt for a $2,265 engine kit that includes the various sensors, wiring looms, throttle pedal and other electronics you’d need to easily drop the big V8 into a car. That kit is specifically designed for fitting the Hellephant in pre-1976 vehicles because those models predate CARB and EPA requirements for catalytic converters and other emissions equipment. But we suspect tinkerers who live in states without emissions testing or more lax rules on engine swaps might find their way to swapping this engine into a newer car.Mopar says public reaction to the Hellephant has been strong, with nearly 1,000 people expressing interest in buying one since the engine debuted at SEMA. We can’t wait to see what types of project cars the monstrous V8 gets used for — especially since we know it sounds incredible. Tags 12 Photos 2019 Dodge Durango SRT review: Three-row muscle car Review • 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye review: The 797-horsepower tire slayer Performance Cars 2 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: Holy hell 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye review: The 797-horsepower tire slayer More about 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye More From Roadshow Share your voice Dodge Super Charger gets Hellephant 426 heart for SEMA Comments Honda Dodgelast_img read more

Infosys to create 1200 jobs open 3 innovation hubs in Australia by

first_imgReutersSoftware major Infosys on Thursday said it will be creating 1,200 jobs and opening three innovation hubs in Australia by 2020 to reduce the digital skills gap.”We are creating 1,200 new skilled jobs for graduates and professionals and opening three innovation hubs by 2020 to accelerate digital leadership for our clients in Australia,” said the city-based IT behemoth in a statement here.To meet Australia’s growing demand for digital expertise, the $11-billion Indian firm also formed an education ecosystem for providing learning opportunities.”Of the 1,200 jobs, 40 per cent will be Australian university graduates from computer science and design. Academic partnerships will be strengthened to attract top graduate talent and ramp up skill building in the country,” the statement said.last_img read more

HC clears way for Afroza Abbas to go abroad

first_imgAfroza AbbasThe High Court on Sunday cleared the way for Afroza Abbas, president of Jatiyatabadi Mohila Dal, to go abroad and return home freely, reports UNB.A bench of justice Tariq-ul Hakim and justice Md Shohrowardi handed down the verdict over a writ petition filed by Afroza, said her lawyer Sagir Hossain Leon.He said a day earlier on 2 March, Afroza Abbas reached the airport to go to Malaysia to visit her relatives in a hospital there but the duty immigration officer prevented her from boarding her flight. Later, the official told her that she could not go abroad.Following the incident, she filed the writ petition with HC and the court passed the order. The HC also issued a rule asking the government to explain in four weeks why the immigration officers’ action to bar Afroza from going abroad on Saturday should not be declared illegal.last_img read more

6yrold boy sexually assaulted suspect arrested

first_imgnetrokonaPolice have arrested a man for reportedly assaulting a minor boy sexually in Netrokona, reports UNB.The arrestee is Nurul Islam, 50, a fish trader of Paschim Malni area in the district town.Police and locals said Nurul called the six-year-old boy to his house on Monday noon and sexually assaulted him.He also gave the boy Tk 10 telling him not to disclose the matter to anyone.As the boy narrated the incident to his family, they approached the police.Later, the law enforcers arrested the accused, said sub-inspector Alamgir Hossain of Netrakona model police station.last_img read more

Baltimores Monthly Homicide Count Reaches a High Again

first_imgBALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore’s monthly homicide count is reaching a historic high for a second time this year.Police reported a fatal shooting Wednesday night, bringing Baltimore to 42 homicides so far in July. That matches the number of slayings recorded in May, which was the deadliest month since August 1990, when the city recorded 42 homicides, according to the Baltimore Sun.There were 29 slaying in June, but the pace picked up again in July. Police say there have been 186 homicides in Baltimore so far this year. That’s a nearly 60 percent increase over the same time last year.The number of homicides and shootings spiked after unrest sparked by the death of Freddie Gray, a black man who suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody in April.last_img read more

Brave 10 Beta has been released

first_imgBrave 1.0 Beta has been released by Martin Brinkmann on September 28, 2018 in Internet – Last Update: October 01, 2018 – 26 commentsThe first major release of the Brave web browser is not far away anymore. The team moved the upcoming version 1.0 of the web browser from the developer channel to the beta channel yesterday. While there is still some work to be done to get things right, a release of Brave 1.0 Stable seems imminent.Note that the Beta release is listed as version 0.55.10 and not 1.0 at this point in time. The developer version of Brave 1.0 was released on September 6, 2018.Tip: Check out our review of the first released version of Brave from 2016.First, the basics. Brave is offered in different versions. There is a stable version, a beta version, and a developer version that users can download. Beta and Dev versions of Brave are only available as downloads for Windows on the official company website.Brave Beta users who used previous versions of the browser already can load chrome://settings/help in the browser’s address bar or select Menu > About Brave to run checks for update. Updates that are found during the update scan are downloaded and installed automatically.Brave 1.0 BetaThe first Brave 1.0 Beta release includes new and improved features when compared to the developer version that the team released three weeks ago.One of the first thing that veteran Brave users may notice is that the team made several smaller changes to the browser’s interface.The Brave Shield icon, which is used to enable or disable the blocking of advertising and tracking elements, was moved into the address bar.You find it at the rightmost location of the address bar in Brave 1.0 and can control settings for the active site using it.The theme changed a bit as well and users may switch between the default light theme and a dark theme in the Brave settings.Just load chrome://settings/ in the browser’s address bar and select Light or Dark under Appearance > Brave Colors to switch between the two native themes.Brave 1.0 features Widevine support on Mac and Windows (Linux coming) to play media that is protected by DRM.Lastly, there is support for Tor in the browser’s private browsing mode. You can check out our initial take on Brave’s Tor integration here.The beta version includes features of the Dev version and some of them have been improved further. The team notes on the official blog that it has improved the blocking of advertisement by moving it to the network thread.The version supports the installation of extensions. Currently, extensions can be installed from the Chrome Web Store. Brave, the company, classifies extensions in the three levels “allowed and vetted”, “allowed and not vetted”, and “blocked. the blocked list is empty at this point in time but plans are underway to add unsafe extensions to it to protect users of the browser.Closing WordsIt seems likely that Brave 1.0 will be released in 2018 to the stable channel. On a personal note: I was initially very reserved in regards to Brave as it was set out to disrupt online advertising and thus how I finance this site. One of my main points of criticism was that users of Brave were rewarded with a higher percentage of revenue for browsing sites.Now that I had time to think more about it, I think that Brave could become a successful solution. While it seems unlikely that it will turn the advertising world upside down, it is quite possible that it will generate enough traction to make it worthwhile for publishers, users and the Brave company.You can read more about the started ads trial here.Now You: What is your take on Brave?SummaryArticle NameBrave 1.0 Beta has been releasedDescriptionThe first major release of the Brave web browser is not far away anymore. The Brave browser development team released Brave Beta 1.0 yesterday.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Albanias new tourism slogan makes reference to kidnapping

first_img Travelweek Group Tweet Monday, March 18, 2019 Albania’s new tourism slogan makes reference to kidnapping Tags: Albaniacenter_img TORONTO — Coming up with the perfect slogan to represent an entire country or city is a slippery slope. You want it to be catchy, memorable and exciting, without causing offence or being too controversial (remember this one: “Vilnius, the G-Spot of Europe”?).Well, another tourism slogan is making headlines for being risqué and downright creepy. Albania’s newly announced ‘Be Taken by Albania’ is meant to be a direct nod to its reputation for criminal activity, something that was highlighted by Hollywood in the 2008 blockbuster ‘Taken’, starring perennial bad-guy catcher Liam Neeson.In the movie, Neeson plays a father who karate-chops his way through Europe in search of his daughter after she’s been ‘taken’ by Albanian human traffickers.The new tourism slogan clearly makes reference to the movie; on the tourism board’s website, there’s a direct shout-out to Neeson himself, as well as a campaign video that includes clips from the movie:“Hey Liam…More news:  A new low for no-frills flying: easyJet assigns backless seat to passengerIn popular culture, Albania has ben colored as a haven for thugs, criminals and gangsters. While we understand that perception might make for good movies, like Taken (2008), it’s wholly untrue! In reality, Albania is a beautiful and incredibly safe place to visit and live.”‘Marko from Tropoja’, actor Arben Bajraktaraj who plays the lead villain in the movie, even makes a surprise appearance at the end of the video, delivering his lines in typical bad-guy fashion.There’s no denying that the video is well produced, light-hearted and visually stunning, with images of Albania’s gorgeous coastlines and natural landmarks. But there’s also no denying that Albania remains to be “a source, transit, and destination country for men, women and children subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor,” according to a U.S. State Department 2018 report. And although the country has made significant efforts to curb the situation, the report states that Albania still “does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking.”More news:  Carnival Cruise Line enhances HUB app for families and youthSo, what do you think? Is it a brilliant play on pop culture, or an ill-advised and inappropriate marketing campaign? Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

French president calls for end to US embargo on Cuba

first_imgFrench President Francois Hollande, third left wearing dark suit, and Cuba’s President Raul Castro, second left, review an honor guard at Revolution Palace in Havana, Cuba, Monday, May 11, 2015. Hollande has become the first French president to visit Cuba since it became an independent country, using a one-day trip to build business and diplomatic relations five months after a detente between Havana and Washington. (AP Photo/Ismael Francisco/Cubadebate) Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility HAVANA (AP) — French President Francois Hollande called on Monday for ending of the U.S. trade embargo on Cuba, saying France “will be a faithful ally” as Cuba reforms its centrally planned economy and tries to re-enter the global economic system.Hollande’s one-day trip made him the first French president to visit Cuba since it became an independent country.Along with a large contingent of French executives, he is focused on strengthening business and diplomatic relations five months after the declaration of detente between Havana and Washington. Speaking at the University of Havana, Hollande said “France will do everything it can to aid the process of opening Cuba and help get rid of measures that have so seriously damaged Cuba’s development.”Hollande’s address, in which he announced plans to increase academic exchanges with Cuba and mutually recognize the other country’s university degrees, was attended by First Vice-President Miguel Diaz-Canel, the man widely expected to succeed President Raul Castro when he steps down in 2018. Hollande planned to meet Castro later MondayHollande also met with Cardinal Jaime Ortega to award him the Legion of Honor, France’s highest honor, and inaugurate a new building for the Alliance Francaise cultural center in Cuba.Shortly afterward, Hollande broke from his official schedule and walked down Cuba’s elegant but crumbling Paseo promenade, chatting with passersby and startled French tourists who took photos with him.Hollande, who is on a tour of the Caribbean, was accompanied by five of his ministers and nearly two dozen French executives, including representatives of Pernod Ricard beverages, hotel company Accor, Air France, supermarket Carrefour and the telecommunications company Orange. Comments   Share   Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and France are Cuba’s biggest trading partners within the European Union, which is the island’s second-largest economic partner with a combined $4.65 billion a year in trade in food, machinery and other goods. Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Hollande met with President Raul Castro during his brief visit to the island.The French leader said he also met for about 50 minutes with Castro’s older brother and revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, who talked about climatic problems, agriculture and sanctions against Cuba. Hollande said during an encounter with French residents in Cuba that Castro looked physically “deteriorated,” but that they had “an easy conversation.”Top diplomats from Japan, the European Union, Italy, the Netherlands and Russia have visited the island in recent months in bids to stake out or maintain ties with an island that suddenly looks like a brighter economic prospect amid warming U.S.-Cuba relations.In Washington on Monday, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that President Barack Obama “has indicated that he does not envision a trip to Cuba anytime in the near future. But I certainly wouldn’t rule it out over the course of the next year.”Almost all have been accompanied by business people interested in Cuba’s push to draw more than $8 billion in new foreign investment as part of a broader, gradual economic liberalization. The delegations are also working to ensure that Cuba doesn’t forget its old friends in what eventually could be a new era of increased business with the United States. Top Stories Sponsored Stories Parents, stop beating yourself up Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Top holiday drink recipeslast_img read more