How to define the brand of talent network from the nternet level

is a site of the friends all know the importance of brand development for the website (of course, not including illegal station) and you know, make the brand the benefits brought to the site and the development model of vertical flow considerable variability. But when I ask you what brands are and what brands should shape, there are few people around us who know. Of course, the pure things may not be brought to the site of substantive things, but as a power blog in a word, all attempts have no theoretical basis but is the wise remark of an experienced person. So do the brand analysis from a system point of view, compared to the actual cocks stuffy brain is still very necessary.

then, what are the factors that should be paid attention to in the independent level of talent network, brand integration and promotion?

1 brand is a general term of service system, not only is a synonym for a product, also said that when your XX talent network is well known, people remember is the whole service of your site, such as a business platform, such as recruitment, is a whole concept, this we need to remember.

2 publicity is not equivalent to advertising. Advertising is a form of communication with a single media, while branding is the integration of a variety of elements.

3 brand building goal can be more widely used, can also be a more diversified development pattern, it can be, but there is a final and most basic goal is not forget, it is relying on brand to create a market share of the "bargaining power", and in the process of unification we must pay great attention to talent management elements and media properties.

in fact, in the entire talent recruitment network brand shaping model, the personal feeling of doing a better job of Zhaopin, and its talent resources used in their own web site nature, complement each other. The Internet in the network of job seekers behavior analysis, job intention analysis and other professional on the basis of the analysis, relying on their own advantages, strong network media and nationwide together, has signed an exclusive advertising in human resources, and constantly consolidate and establish their own brand at the same time, as more and more enterprises and job seekers to provide a more for the diffusion of information platform and Internet wide. And this series of process has always been carried out job, talent and the future of the word, and this good work, the recruitment of Zhaopin slogan is very appropriate. Of course, this is only one of the success stories. We can draw on the success factors, but not all of them. Because different websites have different situations. So, what important information should we dig from such a successful case, or should we come to


1 in the propaganda level, we should analyze the user level according to their own website audience, understand love and friends often come to our website, the reason behind the constantly visiting and these people work for the ideal requirements that can stand for further development. "

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