Discussion Dingzhou classified information network website notes (a)

has just built a local website, Dingzhou classified information network, because the domain name has chosen www.dingzhou123.com, so it is also called Dingzhou 123. Officially opened more than a month, it is difficult to say that the new building is not false ah. I’ve built many websites, but also to do some others, but are interested in it, not a real intention to run, is the largest as learning examples to do, of course, there is not much achievement.

2009 is a national website, whether professional or non professional, young and old are added to the head of the array, and I want to make a station of its own business, searching for a long time on the Internet, finally decided to do local classification and information station. Choose what kind of classification information system is an important step, I choose PHP168, we found that this system is very powerful, is not wrong, then Discuz that a SNS forum and used, will get a whole web portal architecture, but I think they are from the start of the classified information, all of a sudden up too much, it is difficult to do this, I have my own experience, I believe the predecessors and webmaster friends also have a lot of feelings.

used to do a station do want to get a nationwide, the industry of entertainment have access, but has been rarely, with their own ability is very difficult and those large compared, although can be collected, but the collected content is expired or online heat transfer, not original. Natural attraction is small, in short, do not have their own things, do not have their own unique website content, website and other such is stereotyped, out of their own website, a forum as I ran, the usual flow is more than 100 points, but once, I made a list of the college entrance examination scores. This is I got it from a friend, on the evening of second days to see the traffic has exceeded 6000!! and all this article brings, my GOOGLE PR is one of more than 3, from here I summed up two points Experience, a website content is good, to be timely, and then there is a search engine to be included, I just sent this article, and soon was included in the search engine, so it is so effective.

, I have done a lot of technical sites, such as Java, once, I opened a Java forum, there is a senior said, such a forum too much, it is better to open a novel to flow faster. My heart is not convinced, no one Kanla technology station, good content the same people, but in the following process, it is the webmaster said, technology websites too much, but the industry is too strong, most people will never see, analysis of China’s Internet users. The average person is to look at the news, novels, play games, chat, do these, but the technology already has several large communities, such as CSDN, people will go there, I this small forum to attract a few people? Later for a long time, registered members it is a lot, but did not speak much, there are my.

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