Baidu made me white for 3 months

in August this year, I started my career webmaster, got two stations in less than 2 weeks, each station data in more than 20000 classification and clear, and detailed!! I did not intend to make the classification so much, then at the time of collection at a station to do a lot of classification. In particular, some of the large, I think this classification is more words, people feel the content is complete, and easy to read. I study other people and jump into categories. Then, when I finished the station, I count the classification, greatly small more than 40! I was happy and pleased with oneself, don’t laugh! Think get Canon


when I do keyword and description for each class, I found that the original classification is not what good! In order to complete the work, I spent a day, tired of my backache leg cramps! But in any case, this is a station just once! Although tired. But still can fix, and a lot of good


after everything was done, I submitted my website to all the search engines, and to the places where I could submit them. After that, I started a long wait. The first day, no news. Second days, or third days, still no news, no news! Fourth days, I found that GOOGLE included a station of my home page, I was so happy, want to be excited! After GOOGLE included the my another stop! It makes me feel happy, after all the efforts were not in vain. However, a week went by, but Baidu didn’t move at all. My heart was getting cooler and cooler. Even so, I still did not relax, constantly updated every day, but most of them are collected, about a day update about 200! This lasted for two weeks, Baidu has not included my station, I was a little angry, don’t bother to Baidu this huge monster? As soon as possible in order to allow Baidu to pay attention to my station I started at the forum, Post Bar, local publicity, so again after two weeks, I stood still was not included! I began to wonder where my station is not wrong, so I like to do the new one step by step to rework my station, in the "redo". I found that many places I have not set a good, for example, some keywords I are wrong, some sort of forget write key, I correct them.

may I correct somewhere, or Baidu see me so hard, so poor I, results in 34 days when I finished the station a station I was collected by Baidu, and the snapshot time was half a month ago, I have some doubts! But after all very happy, I thought. I finally coming to a head! I like was rewarded, keep updated every day, but also to promote. But not hard, there will be harvest, my other station has not been included (statement: this station is absolutely not doing illegal things). Moreover, the station snapshot that has been collected has not been updated, so it is two weeks passed. Remember that it is a late night fighting, I was busy writing acquisition rules, whim, want to see me.

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