For site traffic, webmaster should not be too hasty

a lot of some personal Adsense, very pay attention to is the website traffic. Of course, the website traffic needs attention, but in the early stage of the station, the website traffic is secondary, and the emphasis is on operation, management and promotion.

early stage should do what work? Here to share my experience:

1, after setting up the content of the web site, then the next thing is to collect and sort out the work. If you can always update some better articles, original articles, which is quite good for the site.

2, when you update your website, you can update 100 or more of the content in 1 days, but this update needs to be regular. And it takes perseverance.

3, do not stare at website statistics all the time, hope to get very good traffic in early days, visit IP.

4, for some network hot events, write some original article, this is also a good way to attract traffic.

the above 4 points are some feelings and experiences, such as my blog (, since the end of 2009 on the line, I do not care about the traffic level, the number of IP, do I concentrate, concentrate on to visit other blogs, comments and comments on their blog. I know a great many bloggers.

recently, I looked at my blog traffic and found that this month’s visitor IP was no less than 200, and yesterday’s IP access was close to 600. Of course, more traffic comes from GG.

and my blog page snapshots are within 24 hours, but there is no time to exchange links, so the PR value is 1. The PR value is not very important, the important thing is, I have a group of loyal visit, they will regularly come to see my blog, so I will meet.

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