American glasses electricity supplier Warby Parker $100 million a year dry sharing

American eyewear supplier website Warby Parker, founded in late 2010, has won angel investment $1 million 500 thousand, last year after the A round of financing, the valuation of $120 million. Its slogan is "A New Concept in Eyewear", which specializes in selling glasses and wearing things related to the eyes. Its characteristic is that the selling price is extremely low, and is claimed to subvert the traditional spectacles industry.


single pricing, $95 a pair. The website is very simple. It is divided into men and women. There are two kinds of products: myopia glasses and sunglasses. All 95 dollars per pair. Pick 27 paragraphs carefully. Remember, it does not like domestic glasses, electricity providers frequently engage in hundreds of models, but did subtraction. This makes it possible to make the smallest inventory, selling only the most popular classic retro styles.


sales process:

1) find your favorite 5 pairs on the site;

2) send 5 pairs at once and make decisions within 5 days. Ask friends and relatives within 5 days, or ask Warby Parker, an expert on facebook.

3) return, online orders, set their favorite one.

4) free delivery.

zero risk commitment:

free shopping, free home trial, free exchange. 5 Pairs, 5 Days, 100% Free! Let customers have no risk, which will rapidly increase sales. As I often cite, a shirt 500 yuan, May 10 people buy. Pay 200, and then wear home, let the family after the good buy, maybe 100 people will buy; don’t pay, go home, wear satisfaction after pay, may 1000 people buy.

products have not changed, but businesses do zero risk commitment.

user lock:

, Warby, Parker’s shrewd position is to send 5 pairs at once, to put you in a narrow range, you are not compared with the outside world, but in these 5 pairs of comparison, more conducive to transactions. You have been locked into the Warby Parker’s range of options.

wearing process system:

at home, try wearing 5 pairs of relatives and friends to help you make decisions. Some people say that Warby Parker is so crazy, free to try wearing at home, Warby Parker logistics costs how high ah?. In fact, you do not understand, this is a marketing process in itself. Once wearing 5 pairs, let relatives and friends to help you staff, which in itself is a process of interpersonal communication spread.

costs only for the first time:

, we know, get customers >

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