Buy site once again standing in the wind tip wave, user experience is still the center of gravity

June Baidu gamble glutinous rice, in October the United States mission as "Meida" in public, just as people think when the group purchase website "Meida" in Qingtian, but this is abandoned in Ali and beauty group, then focus on the takeaway "hungry" has become the focus of controversy, some people say "hungry it has been acquired by Ali, and from the official rumor is" hungry "alone. Service group purchase website development to the present, whether it is to occupy a certain market size of the U.S. group, the public, or to focus on catering industry "hungry", want to own, in the BAT of the enclosure movement, want to remain neutral, very difficult! Of course, represent the general trend in the mobile Internet today, the market share and group purchase website the greater the baptism of thousands of war group purchase website, in the mobile terminal is facing a new crisis


O2O as the most successful internet mode, the development process from the group purchase website, you can see the group purchase website is a kind of experience economy, now the group purchase websites to attract users is not only a price advantage, focus on the user experience to gain competitive advantage. In the first group purchase websites, to "preferential" as the core, from the U.S., "hungry" has gradually become the focus of capital to compete, "take out" and it is a new business group purchase website, as it is to expand in order to cater to the user experience and do


user experience (User Experience) refers to the users of a product or service in the operation or when done, thought, feeling, related to products and services through the rational value provided to the user and perceptual experience. Buy website development today, to provide consumers with high quality user experience, has become the basis for each group buying site operations. In Baidu’s effort to build glutinous rice, glutinous rice nets have proposed "group purchase websites are cheaper than any one" such a slogan, the price is to make the user experience the most simple and crude way, but six months later, glutinous rice nets user base and other website group purchase are still far behind, so the price is not the main factor leading user experience


well, good user experience in the group purchase website, need to start from what? And comparing to the traditional Internet sites, in addition to the online group purchase website experience, but also do line user experience. The comparison and social networking sites, group purchase websites need to do word-of-mouth marketing, in addition to the site itself and the user reputation, reputation of business cooperation, from the means of payment, group purchase site responsible for clearing business, so that the safety and convenience of payment also for businesses and consumers are concerned, the several factors. Group purchase website to make the user experience, the need to consider several factors, experience online and offline experience, online experience and experience for the site experience performance and safety performance, offline experience including the use of product inspection and purchase from business service experience.

online experience

when the user visits the group buying website, what they do first is to the website commodity letter >

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