ndelible history changes in 731.com game domain names

speaks of 731. It’s just a bunch of numbers, but for the older generation, 731 (731 units) is a nightmare, and even a pain that is hard to erase. For the Internet, 731 is a special being. Baidu search 731, ranked first is the 731 game site, however, such a site, but experienced the pain of domain name change.

recently, 731 game network announced the replacement of 731.com domain name statement, one of the partners lost confidence, the two, the site domain name itself controversy. Domain name registration in the Internet bubble period, 2002, has been 9 years of history, 731 Network Technology Co., Ltd. bought it, it has arrived in 2009.


in 2009 to buy the domain name, the domain name for which did not determine the field, until the A5 webmaster CEO Zhang Zhengjun (graph king) – big brother advice final game to stand for the time, with the ideal and the game experience of entrepreneurial companies, the game will undoubtedly give the website domain name refers to a best way, full of confidence entrepreneurial company won the movie network m1905.com behind the production team of Beijing cloud company support.


is the year of the "young" let a team on behalf of the domain name in high and vigorous spirits to ignore the impact of ignoring the meaning of a domain name on the website, which leads to the later had to give up the domain name change new domain name. In cooperation with the Beijing cloud company, team operation site and not Everything is going smoothly. partners did not reach 731, the company expected, the entire game site is like the unfinished building, to the following year do not have a complete and perfect appearance, the 731 companies exhausted.

and 731.com of the controversial domain because the online website at the end of 6 has not been perfect, but it missed the golden period of development, people on the 731 sensitivity of these three figures, there is more and more negative effects, so the replacement of domain motion is also placed on the desktop management meeting, and ultimately determine the the 731.com domain name station exit game stage.



as for the future fate of 731.com, it will eventually give you a guess or a deep sigh. 731 in the country is not likable figure, 731.com, as a "wound" domain name, it is often not appreciated the product is good, but it is entangled in another meaning, regardless of the price, such a domain can not erase the pain linked to history and perhaps already out of commodities it can be said that the nature of the value of money, also.

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