Has your vertical search site been a portal yet

              ten years ago, the Sohu to catalogue the search started, become well-known domestic portal; nine years ago, SouFun to SouFun engine, become the domestic well-known real estate portal; seven years ago, in order to search the web music search engine started to become well-known domestic music search portal; three years ago, the Qihoo to BBS search engine, become the domestic well-known community portal; two years ago, love found in e-book search engine, developed into a famous e-book portal; a year ago, youku.com to video search started and become well-known domestic video portal. It seems that successful vertical search patterns are bound to go the way of search based portals.


;     vertical search is the inevitable outcome of integrated search development

         ;     2007 is called vertical search year. At the beginning of this year, the focus on job search Messko won the Zhejiang VC 10 million risk investment; in May, Google quietly launched the search of life; in June, the original Sina live search will focus on news, blogs, podcasts and other vertical search; Microsoft frequently shot, has acquired mobile phone search technology manufacturers MotionBridge, medical vertical search service vendors and Medstory. The development of vertical search technology, to defeat the Google vertical search.

                in vertical search a large number of manufacturers, we are not difficult to find Baidu and Google and other big search engine’s shadow: Qihoo and Baidu search and Baidu know; MP3; love and Google news and Google cool information. Today, it is difficult for us to distinguish between the boundaries of vertical search and comprehensive search.

                some of the huge Internet information need to focus on a particular field of manufacturers of distributed resources are collected and reorganized, and then in a manner to meet the needs of users, to achieve the maximization of resource utilization. Traditional web portals, known as web carrier editors, are moving from day to day, from various media, to web sites, which actually act as search engine crawlers.

             ;         "water and fertilizer"

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