A small website survival condition

"get up earlier than the chicken, sleep late than Miss, eat worse than pig, do more than cattle", this is the consensus of the small and medium-sized webmaster at present.

Internet Amoy created countless myth, countless people into this piece of the Red Sea; in the red sea every year there are so few examples of cases of risk investment; these examples make numerous survival see hope in the corner of the small website, hard work in the field of hope; but the calculation of millions of webmaster only in spirit to raise their living conditions, has become a real edge condition of the society, pay attention to the small website to live has been a topic of concern.

I engaged in the Internet for eight years, long active in the laggards, stationmaster station, grassroots Webmaster Station Station looks mutual interaction about Forum; in exchange to the survival status of small and medium-sized site is very serious, and the webmaster because of the impact of the social concept of money, the key is no real money burn basic network; to make money two words; the webmaster Wangzhuan become the most talked about topic.

Google launched the advertising business at the beginning of the rebate per click can obtain 1-2 gross income, but now reduced to a time; according to a site visit to 2000ip computing, general advertising probability is 6/1000, that is 12 times a day; income is not more than 1 yuan of money, even if the click probability of high price high day income is not more than 4 yuan of money, we have expanded the amount of access to achieve ten thousand IP, then a maximum of 20 yuan of income.

and IP access to ten thousand of the costs by as much as some little advertising revenue is not the site construction costs; that is to say the small website is the webmaster sounds nice Moumou network CEO, is actually reduced.

, of course, there are some small and medium-sized websites that have been successful, but this is only a small minority of them. Many years of network work experience, I think it is very good to reach a comfortable standard of living.

because of violent competition, Baidu’s new book management for small and medium-sized site requirements increase; small website to enter the list included are hard to reach 1000; visit IP really is a good site, selling traffic to sell advertising while providing a way to make money, but the actual income is low even as.

Ali Ma’s mother is a dedicated Internet advertising platform, easily find a week advertising costs 1 yuan is from Bibi; a week before a yuan of money, we can assume that these is a motley crew, the regular army price three to five times, will be a Wednesday to five yuan; a may also be less than 20 yuan.

because of the survival of small and medium site owners are bitter combination of basic skills, seo search keyword optimization, soft Wen promotion experience, in order to make money, they can take only a few people visited website blown the outstanding domestic certain station, web site can be written in a romantic love story attracted a little traffic on a network; for example called lucky boy soft net site, dedicated to various websites, including the shop with a soft.

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