Dialogue lesbian community Lara Park 15 people how to raise 1 million 500 thousand lesbians

set up a year and a half, the team a total of 15 people, Lara Park founder Liao Zhuoying himself felt "expansion" a little conservative". But these 15 people run a lesbian community with 1 million 500 thousand users.

from the third party monitoring data "half lesbian APP market data report" shows that in 2015, in the first half of this year, the incremental download Lala Park in the same row of App second this year, the development of sister product "Rainbow Jiayuan (gay marriage social product)’s growth rate is very fast.


homosexuality is a typical minority group, but it is not small in the big population country. According to the homosexual community accounts for 5% of the total population of society, the total number of homosexuals in China should be around 65 million, but the proportion of male and female lesbians is not conclusive. Compared with the lesbian App, male and App temporarily in the front. According to the gay community to provide zank billion state power network data, the total number of users has reached 8 million.

as the "straight" Liao Zhuoying, is very sensitive to the lesbian community, including some very subtle psychological characteristics. He has also worked in the male community, so he is keenly aware that the male and female are two distinct groups". After mastering the characteristics and habits of the niche, he has more clout to build the community’s business structure – part of what he sees as relatively lacking in La park.

although the target market is relatively small, but the competition environment is equally fierce, can not tolerate him "slowly"". Liao Zhuoying is coming out of a conservative strategy. In March this year, became the first Jingdong stake in raising public case Lara Park, and ultimately won 6 million 200 thousand yuan investment. Prior to this, Lara park took two small investment – from Hongling venture capital 1 million yuan and Xue Zi’s 3 million yuan.


(pictured: Lara parks founder Liao Zhuoying)

days ago, billion state power network dialogue operation experience to understand the community Liao Zhuo Ying, Lara Park and its unique "Lala" community culture. The following is dialogue finishing:

billion state power network: before the professional community, with groups generally use social networking tools


Liao Zhuoying: QQ group, WeChat group, general social tools will be used, we Taiwan users is obvious, they built a variety of groups in Line, but no QQ, no WeChat. But these tools can only meet the needs of communication, do not meet the needs of some life services, and can not solve the actual problems in life.

what we have to do is the centralized community, with highly customized services, community, community content, and so on, all of which are customized for them.

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