Take part in Google AdSense Hefei salon, feeling and harvest

yesterday attended the launch of the Hefei salon in Google AdSense in Hefei, Hilton. Maybe Google AdSense publisher, Hefei webmaster is not a lot, go to the people are not many. Google AdSense team members conducted a total of cooperation and win-win solutions, -Google AdSense optimization topics – let your website, AdSense publishers talent shows itself to share the successful experience, policy – to create a healthy network platform, the content of Google open community platform "keynote speech. During a coffee break, and finally the interactive quiz. The "AdSense publishers to share the successful experience" by Yanhuang network speech tube Peng, to tell the truth, in addition to tube Peng and chaired by Google AdSense members and other people, the voice is very soft, not very passionate, team members Google AdSense gave me the feeling is a profound strength, too profound to be understood, the use of Tai chi. Even so, in the interactive link, by asking questions about the gift, this activity has been introduced into the climax. The event was quite good and I felt full.

1, Google AdSense in Chinese or in teams? Now number about 25 people, according to lots of questions to the problem of payment and account, as long as it does not violate the Google AdSense policy, is not be closed, at the same time, they will consider many aspects, I think the webmaster can only maintain the status quo.

2, Google AdSense payment, they are considering cooperation with the bank, not with third parties such as Alipay cooperation. Some people ask whether it is possible to shift the proceeds from AdSense to AdWords, taking into account a variety of factors, which is also not good.

3, Google AdSense local market. The team members began introducing improved features after studying the user habits of the local market. For example, advertising fonts will increase, increase the paging function, increase fillet and so on, and in the future will be based on the views of advertising publishers to increase a number of advertising formats and specifications.

4, Google maps, free tagging, but a certain number of restrictions, ordinary commercial operations enough.

5, Google development community platform, the development of some functional components and school, Tianya, 51, Myspace and so on are very good applications, such as a function called "friend wall"". Get the news, they are with Kang Sheng contact, may be applied to UCHOME, SNS and other open source program.

6, one of the gifts is very good, called "building blocks calendar", as long as the monthly adjustment can be repeated for ten thousand years. Copyright: Guangdong fashion element daily necessities Co., ltd.. I think in the future >

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