My site is Baidu dropped off the network ranked first

is very busy today, so until the afternoon before they see their website was not blocked, unable to access, hurried to the server’s reply is to close the site supervisor. Well, I was really angry at that time. I lost a lot of money this time. It was a big shock to my small station.

because of the forum, a post harmony forum appeared recently an official power was sealed. So here I would like to advise all the owners should pay attention to the laws of the country, but it was closed station, really is not worth the candle,

as shown in the next post,


because of this post, my whole station was blocked, and the loss is really heavy.

, look, ranking down first,


said so much, just want to tell you, pay attention to screening of website content, be careful supervisor abhorrent blocked, you


bear in mind, I hope everyone will help publicize my station, poor station

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