Written to be included in the problem of the webmaster

said many webmaster site included is not very good, or not included, this kind of question to ask more, summarize the reasons for site included problems generally have the following aspects, I hope to help you

one, do not include questions,

1, new domain name


search engine algorithm is changing, now if the submission included or just rely on the way, in terms of speed is very slow, so we suggest to find some more search engine updates faster (you can enter the site: URL or " directly in the search engine; " you can see the time) site to exchange links to help your site quickly included. It is as if you want to enter a class is not recommended, or volunteered a lot of energy

2, old domain name

this is generally relatively small, but some are obtained from others that purchase etc. the old domain, this is dangerous, you must consider whether the domain name you have been K records can query the domain name history, if a domain name for a few months or even more than half of the history but has not been included. The reason is probably is K, you can also check the reverse link (Yahoo, Google) is there a danger mark.

two, included less questions

1, the right to be demoted

problem: This is included only home like, appear this kind of circumstance, you first check your site if there is excessive page optimization behavior: for example, keyword accumulation, hidden text, picture ALT tag too much; then check the site are the links contain dangerous links, such as outbound links site is also is not included (see article), or less if it is included, you’d better get rid of this site links.

is implicated in the problem: some bad luck, buy a good space on the site for dangerous site is search engine K off IP (although this is rare, but does not rule out, can query the server below how many sites, and then query collection etc.). This is best to change the space right away, or else always mix with the "Underworld", let the search engine believe you are a good person,


2, structural issues,


site structure unreasonable planning level is too deep, such as domain name / 1/ directory 2 / 6/ Directory… ", generally more than 5 layers included is very difficult. This case suggests that if can improve the structure, make the structure to be simple, try to flat; if the structure is not too much can be improved, so it is recommended to do a comparison of all the HTML and XML map, to help visitors and search engine navigation.

three, included fluctuations

many sites included in the process of the quantity is very unstable, this kind of general belongs to the normal >

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