What are the issues that need to be noted in website security and anti hacker attacks

How does

judge websites to be poisoned or hacked onto a Trojan horse?

1, web site open speed judgment: if the site open speed significantly slower than before, and exclude the reasons for their own network, then there may be site poisoning;

2, view the source code: the code found on the web page header or the tail has been embedded such as < script> or < iframe> such a character, that is hung up the Trojan;

The modification time of

3, by FTP or server to view the file: in general, if a hacker to modify the site files, then change the file modification time will be changed, if the modification time of certain documents than in the other documents to be late, but we did not have changed, so that the file has been hacked modified, may have been poisoned or hung up the Trojan, view the source file you can know.

what should I do if the site is hung up, Trojan or poisoned,

?The first thing to understand the principle of

website is linked to Trojan horse, because the site itself is generally used from the network program is a free program, the code and vulnerabilities are known for some hackers attack, up easy, especially some of the ASP program. So the website construction to minimize the built network free programs; hackers find vulnerabilities will be uploaded to the site after the hacker Trojan, the Trojan has removed the entire site, modify all the functionality of the code, but most hackers will add some Trojan and virus file in the source code to their website, then visit the person become poisoning their chickens, or hang up their customer’s hidden chain, or to some unknown destination.


was attacked in the site, first to backup all web site files, to prevent hackers to delete the site, and then find the hackers modified files, restore one, and finally find the hacker attacks, close the loopholes, but to find the hacker attack points need a little skill, by viewing the site for a period of time will be able to access log find traces, this time is one of your files by hackers tampering with the time.

How should

sites protect against attacks,


1, try not to use the free web site program on the web, because a vulnerability is exposed, the site is very dangerous.


programming on the note filtering illegal characters, especially the last file and write the file to the server where more attention, try to choose the PHP ASP programming language to write, because most of the hackers on ASP vulnerabilities and attacks by heart, can reduce the probability and the risk of the site was linked to horse.

3, the security of the server level high, such as server is provided with a plurality of sites to a single web site access restrictions in a folder, or hacked a website, the server will be infected.

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