There are some serious problems with Google AdSense advertising

Google AdSense China advertising since entering the Internet, has been the majority of owners of praise, there are also many webmaster rely on AdSense to build up the family fortunes. Objectively speaking, although the click price has dropped a lot, but my website can maintain an average price of 0.2 U. S. dollars per unit. But this time I’m not talking about raising the unit price, but for the AdSense ad content. Write my personal opinion.

AdWords advertising is any individual and enterprise can do, although rich advertising content, but also for Google and Adsense brought income. However, AdWords has also been many people have an ulterior motive to their use, entrap users, speculation tool. A flood of scams and bad AdWords ads has long been on the way, with websites all over the internet. 08 years was the most common answer to win coins, 09 years up to now is the largest network of part-time money, these are naked advertising fraud.

I once wrote an article about making money online. I mentioned those part-time money making websites. Now they have not only used the search engines to defraud Internet users, but also made public AdWords promotion. Do not know how many people cheated, although this ad can increase the click rate to a certain extent, but the impact of bad, not only for AdWords, the emergence of such advertising sites also have an impact.


personally believe that AdWords is now more than Baidu to promote chaos, it is recommended that Google to make good checks. The above picture is a AdWords advertisement on the Internet. It’s very scary. Some of the sensitive words and web addresses have been mosaic. The emergence of this advertisement has reached the level of the line being plucked. If this happened which website advertising, so that relevant personnel to see, it is bound to the station in big trouble. Google in China is always such a problem, if you look at this example, it is not difficult to understand.

in fact, Google is not wrong is wrong, at least it provides the carrier for these ads, but also as an accomplice. No matter who landed on the AdWordsAdWords, Google and Baidu are not much different, or even more than Baidu, at least in Baidu promotion rarely appear in these blatant fraud content.


fraud and bad content, not only at very low, and deceived users may also shoot AdSense ads and webmaster. For this kind of advertising, the best method is to filter the competitive advertising shielding provided by AdSense, the domain name, I four Wangzhuan site domain name ( shield today). (Maoy/)

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