Why does it seem that there is no such thing as using the nternet to read these articles

if you’re landing major product operation site, basically on the operation of learning article "zhaodanquanshou", also after harvest feel a kind of inspiring feeling, then congratulations, you may have to "waste".

Why does

say surfing the Internet and watching these running articles doesn’t have any eggs with


read these articles can really make you do a good job? Every day to read these articles can find a good job? A lot of time looking at these articles is not what eggs, may even turn you into a theorist.

The author of the

in the past few years, a lot of contact with the product operation newcomers, they put the product operation learning website to your browser’s favorites, when going to work if you are free on the next turn to see. Then after a while you observe them in the completion of the work and understanding of the operation, you will find that they do not increase too much, even learning some of the more extreme views, and believe in these views, then embarked on the road of "doomed eternally".

is not to say that these writing is not good, on the contrary I think some articles are very valuable, but often the problem in the reader’s body, you need to have a correct "open", can learn from these articles to nutrition".

how can we study effectively and translate online articles into actual productive forces? We should start from four aspects: laying a good foundation, selective reading, paying attention to thinking and combining practice.

one. Lay the foundation,

if you want to translate these online articles into actual productivity, the first step is to lay a good foundation. This is the core part. You should understand the operation of at least one product, understand each function of the product, every detail, understand the detailed work content of other operation colleague, and user feedback, user attribute, etc.. If you really want to continue developing in this field, you have to know your competitors.

when you have a detailed understanding of these things when you have a clear idea of the operation to work, and you can find some of their own products in the operation team work problems, with these problems to read other operation counterparts of the article, you can have the harvest, find a way to solve the problem the Internet, these articles into actual productivity.

on the contrary, if you are not aware of their own products, the products of other people and you don’t understand, because of the internal data of other products is not to contact you, can only look at the surface from the outside, the so-called "understanding" is superficial. Do not understand the product case about operation, can only use two words to describe: "nonsense".

here to give you an example, in 2011 the author is CSDN the community to do the operation, then the community has been the famous "CSDN data leak", more than 600 user database leaks. During that period

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