The network advertisement on vertical websites to improve attention female website can take

at the end of 2008, the rise of the economic crisis, both for advertisers or online media is a major challenge, and inevitably affect the real economy by the network economy, and the online advertising industry in many segments of the industry in the Internet, is the most direct impact. In 2009, despite the impact of the financial crisis continue to deepen, but after the first quarter year GDP growth rate of decline in the situation, China macro economic recovery signal significantly, the online advertising market has bottomed Chinese.

              January 2010 report shows that due to the China resumption of economic growth, 2009 China online advertising market size grew 21.2% compared to 2008, a total of 20 billion 610 million yuan; it is expected that in 2010, in World Expo, the world cup and other major events under the stimulation of online advertising overall income scale will reach 30 billion yuan. Network advertising continues to grow at the same time, the most concern is the search engine, video sites, social networking site SNS, the emerging network media vertical industry websites and other collective outbreak, the traditional portal advertising share in decline, although the four big portal advertising revenue of 09 years is still rising, but by other emerging media impact. Brand advertising network share four portals has declined, the network advertisement market pattern is "premeditated" a major reshuffle.

, according to the latest data of the online advertising monitoring system iAdTracker, 09 years of online advertising advertisers for all types of vertical sites attention is increasing. Among them, the fastest growing video sites, the vertical female website is full of stamina, vertical women website delivery share also rose 1.1 percentage points to 2.2%. Into the top ten brands in the popular industry, online advertising, media categories, ranked ninth. Chinese fashion and women network media value continued rapid growth, fashion and women network media coverage over 64 million users, vertical fashion women website user covering over 12 million weeks ahead of the vertical fashion media week users over 5 million weeks, page views over 260 million weeks, users stay time of over 1 million 400 thousand hours with the female netizens increasingly growing. Female Internet users are increasingly prominent in the fashion life and information for Internet content information about fashion and women also gradually by female Internet users more and more. The development of Vertical Women’s websites have also pay special attention to the main network advertisement, female website can take.

at the same time, female Internet users gradually become active online shopping crowd. In 2008, women accounted for 50.8% of the proportion of online shopping users; in 2009 this ratio increased to 61.5%, significantly higher than men. Data will continue to grow further in 2010, and female customers have become the main force of online shopping. The growth of women’s online shopping has stimulated many businesses to explore the online shopping market for women. The increase of female online shopping users immediately led to cosmetics, clothing >

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