Quick and convenient classified information station will be the new favorite of Network Recruitment


platform is now recruiting job diversification, traditional media, television, newspapers, magazines, professional job recruitment website, micro-blog recruitment, social recruitment, classification of information and so on various ways of new media. But for ordinary workers, applicants with lower academic qualifications are indeed embarrassed. They use the Internet for lack of professional, professional recruitment and registration, but also improve the data, does make them feel a headache, and small business recruitment has also been threshold out, professional recruitment business qualifications, work place, and let these small enterprises hard to recruit, hire difficult. Conform to public opinion, classified information has become the best choice of network recruitment, classified information station threshold is low, rapid release, easy to find. This is also true. Classified information websites occupy a place in the recruitment of talents.

classified information website into network recruitment new favorite

Since the

since the spring of 2011, classified information website in Weihai as the representative of the network service become the ordinary workers and small businesses, the most popular platform for job recruitment. The classification information of both enterprise and job seekers can register for free release recruitment information, and service network in Weihai to launch the catering, hairdressing, general workers, salesmen, electrician, fitter and sub categories, it is very good to meet the needs of low enterprise and job seekers. At the same time, the classified information website aims at providing small and medium-sized enterprises with small and medium positions, which will quickly inject new vitality into the recruitment field.

then how to operate classified information website, here and talk about your operation in Weihai service network in the process of some ideas, I hope you will have a lot of discussion with me.

1, website internal optimization

today, the classification of information on the network can be described as a variety of procedures, functions are also pros and cons, select a good program, at least let us not lose at the starting line. My principle is that SEO optimization must be good, if you have the strength, of course, you can ask people to customize the program, it’s like a small webmaster like we do not have money, we have to think about it. In fact, the function of the same, it is necessary to facilitate expansion later on it. Programming languages, the mainstream now is PHP, and also open source security. Suggest that you choose.

two, the choice of domain name to be careful,

early everyone mistakes are cheaper, feel no strength, can deal with, this is wrong, the domain name can choose their favorite, but have a certain significance, the website name in Pinyin for the best, for example: Weihai service network domain name is whfuwu, where wh is the first letter of Weihai, is behind the service spelling. Simple and easy to remember, it is recommended to use.Com suffix, because users are in the habit of.Com. The space must choose to have the strength, stable. Because after your website operation, once the space of every two or three days it is very troublesome, will not only increase the spider on the site does not trust leads to right down, weight may be K off. Also, for users, use this!

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