Tell me about my site building story

first, follow yourself, I do a lot of friends and is as an amateur, now here to share my story and website to everyone! 008 years, China an extraordinary year, and I am not an ordinary year, 08 years, I started a blog, a forum for a class of things, just before the know the Internet chat games, remember that a website can apply for their own website (two level domain), I applied for a few days after the background fiddle, finally ready, and then show off in front of friends, friends feel good, so step by step, I began to contact the Internet the website, contact.

at the end of 2008, at that time because the work is not a lot of things have nothing to do, began to understand the site, first understand the website by the server, the domain name and the composition of the program, I remember when there is free CN domains and free space are everywhere, I remember a service to send him a lot of publicity on the posts. This free CN domain name and space, I remember to do a music website, then don’t seem to know what ASP, PHP only know HTML, then FRONT PAGE in their home page to write a HTML page, I use the most primitive way, the music to the space, and then the pages with the connection, probably because I updated every day, Baidu right to the good, but later due to the free space because of my first website soon died.

at the beginning of 2009, due to the financial crisis because my company went bankrupt, only to face the fact of unemployment, but fortunately God is good to me, it wasn’t long before I found a more hard work, whenever I was tired I have a lot of ideas, a lot of dreams, think I can make a difference. At least not like now so tired, think of website, before the industry think stay (LED, now the industry is fire) well, not long after, I found a new job, returned to the LED industry in this company, I also do a website to do is Fetion aspects of the site, I see like QQ site, was done with UCH entertainment, resources exchange with the DZ, but because he did something original, the site effect is very good, probably more than two months will shut.

at the end of 2009, I changed my company, is still familiar with the LED industry, as I am to sites of interest and persistence in addition to the LED industry more familiar with, I’m going to prepare a LED industry website, before that I consider a lot, an industry website is to do e-commerce or technology website, after a period of time my ideological struggle, finally decided to do with the development of electronic commerce technology forum website, domain name after I cannot have a clue at the beginning, then I started finding a program, because before PHP know something, quickly find a good B2B program, and finally since the beginning of the space, no money, we can only use the space, can not afford to buy a server, fortunately, I’m lucky after friends quickly fix the space.

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