Personal experience analysis, how to buy high-quality advertising in Ali mother

today to share with you a little bit of experience in the purchase of high-quality advertising mom Ali, these experiences are combined with my online shop and do the experience of site analysis, to ensure that you benefit a lot!


to be honest, open shop is not really easy, the real name policy requirements do not say, but from the shop popularity we are becoming more and more difficult to do, the first is Taobao shielding Baidu spider cause we can not rely on search engines, and the rise of SEO also let more webmaster to join the ranks of the black hat SEO, want to Ali mother selling advertising, the advertising data flow is very high but not buy low CTR is the conversion rate is low! Wasting your hard-earned money! If you don’t know how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of advertising then this article is for you.

1. Check out the Alexa world ranking of the sites where the ads are located.

although we say that the real traffic Alexa world ranking response website, that makes sense, because the domestic Internet users rarely have to install the Alexa Toolbar, which will inevitably lead to the statistical data of Alexa is a little one-sided! But today I want to say is, if a site traffic but Alexa ranking very low, then you should pay attention to, although I’m not sure the site is in the use of brush flow or buy traffic such as cheating, but there is one thing I can tell you for sure, users of this website is very few in the Baidu search engine search keywords came to this website, more likely to be from pop, navigation, and even the rogue plug-ins are forced to set the home page


why I can be so sure? We all know that the current SEO has reached intense competition situation, so every popular keywords will have a considerable number of owners in the optimization, and the webmaster every day to do the work in the same is indispensable in the search engine search keywords to optimize the competitor analysis site, and the webmaster this group is to install the Alexa Toolbar one of the largest groups, so if a Alexa site is very low at least that this site is not a good ranking in the search engine, if there is a good ranking will certainly have many webmaster to analyze this website so it how can Alexa very low! No good rankings are not meant to have a large number of visitors to the search engine.

on the other hand, in my experience, the part of web users from search engines is the highest rate of conversion. Why? Because the user searches for a keyword in the search engine of the keywords that he is very interested in, so the goal of his website is very targeted, if visitors are browsing a website for the novel pop out a woman’s website, so you think this traffic may appear conversion rate? For example, although the net xiunv website Ip is only about 3000, but 80% of the visitors are from Baidu search keywords such as summer dress and dress collocation.

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