Content editing and mplementation Paths for local portals

content construction leads

1, the importance of content

multi angle description of the importance of content construction on the site

2, do the content, that is, do savings

to do the content, that is, renovation of the new home, that is, do savings

3, costs and benefits

‘s involvement in web content and revenue

1, the importance of content

, A, and history are an important means of testing and planning a number of behavioral standards.

the Internet is also historic. (quoted below to discuss part of the portal construction)

The development of

Internet is very fast, and the importance of content construction in different periods is different.

in 90s, the first portal represented a large number of sites at the site to rise, the lack of interaction, and mainly to independent website release information, referred to as the "Web1.0" era, around 2002, a large number of Internet interactive blog began to rise, this website is mainly for interactive, Internet users is the content of the protagonist the editor of the website, is increasingly weakened, or even do not matter, such sites referred to as "Web2.0".

everything develops easily from one extreme to the other, and web editors show the same features in the development of the internet.

Web1.0, the leading position for the content of the website editor, the beginning of the Web2.0 era, the website editor is increasingly weakened, but now the Internet from the actual situation, a large number of Web2.0 site failures, the fascination with creativity and technology, return the content construction of the track, so the editor of the website is also important up. Of course, "website editor" with the development of the times, but also increasingly plump, not just the news, as well as planning, activities, organizations, public opinion guidance, and even web operations.

, B, and all successful websites take no notice of content construction, or even say, "victory in content building."".

traditional major websites do not explain the input and quality of content construction.

, based on "interaction", is the standard Web2.0 website, and now has a high demand for content editors. Such as 58 city, Taobao and so on. The information released is through rigorous review, incomplete information should be deleted or modified.

it’s possible that we would ask, our initial website has not much information, and if we strictly deal with the quality of information, the number is even less?

this worry is unnecessary,


users come to our website to see the amount of information, or want to read the information to get "reading earnings", if only a large number, but read income >

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