A new webmaster’s new year’s speech

    do a few years webmaster, and now still garbage master. There is no good experience, but there are some experience to want to be webmaster friend,.

1, go to study, study


what kind of website you want to do is not final, but ultimately you need to learn some basic knowledge first. At the very least, you need to know: DR, FTP, domain, virtual space, and so forth. The best thing to do is to learn some art. It’s very helpful for your page design. I had to hurry to do stand, not to learn basic knowledge, now made of cooked rice.

2, no template station,

now offers templates for many free spaces. I think if you want more space for your station, it’s better not to use a web page template. It’s too lacking in personality and will seriously affect your imagination. It’s stuck in it for a long time. If you just play, the other party with the.



starts to stand, you’re interested. But long-term maintenance is a boring thing. You have to be prepared for it. Don’t want to do it, there will be thousands of traffic in a few days, that’s not realistic. Maybe a year or so will see the effect. There are many webmasters boast a few days there will be XXX traffic, is likely to cheat you to click on his station. More said to be included in the X XXX million pages, ha ha. X million pages has been enough for me for years.


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