Looking at the way out of website navigation station from the trend of nternet development


website also has a time, from the initial Wangzhuan forum, later to do several larger sites, not feeling good development. No flow when the rising flow let every day thinking about the law; with the flow, but not to flow into RMB… Until now, I was still groping, and we work together to explore the site of the road to profitability. One day to see a webmaster navigation success, I also moved to do the idea of navigation station. Did not take long, a simple webmaster site navigation – Shang station network on the birth of the. The website is done, but the navigation network where the way out? This time, I do not want to follow the trend, look at the success of others will copy the experience of others, but the navigation station road to the development of thinking seriously, and strive to promote this site out. However, the site navigation station is not so well developed. More precisely, the navigation network can only be a product of the times, and it will gradually evolve, and may gradually grow, or may gradually die out.

1. The emergence of the website navigation station is the need of the times.

when the Internet first came into being, people were unfamiliar with how to access the internet. This time the user, trying to find a "site navigation" website, this kind of website to guide them how to use the Internet, see the website, how can better access to the site and no virus. Some users even go to bookstores to buy books such as web addresses. User needs, is the fundamental driving force for the development of the site, this time is the prime time for the development of Web site navigation station. With hao123 and 265 as the representative of the web site, by this rare opportunity, the rapid development of the. It can be said that the success of the site navigation station has been created by the times. Website development should respond to the call of the times, the reality needs.

two. Current developments in the internet.

with the rapid development of the Internet, the popularity of the Internet more and more widely, from the user on the Internet to get familiar with the unfamiliar gradually, the knowledge of the need from the Internet, regardless of depth or breadth is on a higher level. This time the user does not have "site navigation" this kind of navigation website, already more and more not valued. That is to say, the importance of the site navigation station among users has been decreasing year by year. The user’s demand for a website can greatly promote the development of a certain kind of website; on the other hand, the user does not need to also let some kind of website die out. This is a timeless truth. The decline in the cost of building websites has further encouraged new websites to emerge. Let the Internet become immortal, a flourishing scene of letting flowers bloom. Today, the internet no longer needs any big portals, and it requires specialized websites, because specialized websites allow users to find the knowledge they need. So how do users get what they need? The easiest way is to search through the internet.

three. Limitations of the site navigation station. < >

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