How to capture valuable information in local industry portal

article title may be a bit big, the site on-line for more than two months to share my little experience,


for the local industry portal, early requires a lot of information to enrich the entire site, may alone run a local industry portal a lot of people like me, do not have a strong information collection team, the amount of information website in a short time is not up, so the site will not flow where to go high. Moreover, for new sites, the site of the collected web site weights are from scratch.

well, recently discovered every day from Baidu over the traffic has more than GG, the detailed analysis, there is a keyword search volume nearly every day brought 20 IP (don’t laugh at me, for new sites, has been very good), the keyword that is "air conditioning" in June 1st rose price. I love to see the central two sets of "economic information network", once said the state financial subsidies to improve energy efficiency for air conditioning, for related reports of the ordinary air-conditioning subsidies crunch, stakeholders also interviewed some of the stores, that will rise in June 1st after the air conditioning. So second days on the website that the column posted a message "after the June 1st air conditioning really will rise?"


through a keyword like this, every day brings nearly 20 IP traffic, not too much! But from this point can be found, for the local industry website, webmaster also need to have a keen eye to capture the valuable market information, and thus into the flow of the site.

this article by the Hunan decorative materials network webmaster provides, A5 starter, reproduced please indicate the source,


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