Grassroots course to work part-time graduate from the story (to be continued)

has graduated for 3 years, and there have been many experiences in the 3 years. There has been helplessness, loss, and harvest.

Here the

plain and share my experience, one can share is two, so as to avoid future forget, you are interested can look down, there is no interest can jump over, ha ha.


graduated 3 years ago, I decided to give up our counterparts in the work of the profession, and worked as a salesman, a lot of people do not understand, because our school is rubbish, but at least our professional job is not difficult, it may be also may be the doings of ghosts and gods, my destiny, I just feel the road should be in your hands.

My major is computer

University, in fact very ashamed, the textbook knowledge I have a rather shallow, when the basic professional exam only reached the pass level, like most students, I love football, obsessed with online games, and female friends debauch the school life is wonderful, but it is only. When going to school. At that time I did not intend to do too much for their own future, just feel muddle along, when facing the The coming days would be long., before graduating before too late for regrets for their future plans, too little, the time had no direction.

Part 1 Salesman career

after graduation, my first job is to start from the business, the company also is a network company, there was no concept, but also do not know this knowledge, only know that our company is to help others to do the search and promotion, that can help others better promote their products such as.

with a little knowledge of my mind, I started the long salesman road. The company in the home of the city, our company is in the 4 storey building, quite simple, I never thought I could work in such a building, vanity has not been met. The duty of the manager to give each of us new recruits is to go out and ask people for business cards, phone calls and exercise their guts. After the end of the day to statistics which is the quality of the customer, which is ordinary customers, which is inferior to the customer, every day is to do the same thing, others have to pay out in the smiling face every day, many people refused to accept and even abuse every day, at that time I remember once in a facade to name card go to, a name card was to coax, thanks to the manager behind only played rounders. Now remember, "Hello, I am a salesman for XX XXX, please…" because remember how many times a day to repeat such words, just know, a week down my thick notebook has been recorded over the customer information and name card, above the dense are communication situation of various characters information as well as before.

now I also do not understand at the time what I can support in a long time has been insisting that playing running outside, stick to that record information, so stick to the monotonous life, think very absurd.


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