David Beckham what can do to save your new filing system

the past two years the domestic garbage station and various informal forum play is fast, the information department could not stand, to strike, this is a thing but make no ground for blame, Beckham Speechless is way thousands, why would choose to kill one thousand, never let a strategy. This will hurt many webmaster’s heart, to the domestic network development brings the very serious shackles, to the domestic network marketing development also shackles many.

to write this article, but also from David Beckham recently to give a friend to do community forum, his intention is so pure and beautiful as a forum for service area residents also integrate community resources and popularity. But then in July 5th to launch the new filing system is Beckham, at first glance, Marvel: 1. established the N number of special record entries (e.g., online payment, online games, online music forum, etc.); 2. increase the photo to the access provider audit procedures. See here, Beckham just want to cry: "what to save you, the new filing system?".

after the new record system upgrade, the most obvious difference is that the burden of filing in the space access providers who. But this does not have much impact on the business of the access provider (at least people can start selling foreign hosts), and the most devastating blow I think is the record broker industry. At least I in each group did not see the active agent for the record the stalwart figure. Upgrade the filing system, the user experience has not been changed much would not say what the two points, the key lies in what I said above, I want to master the preparation of a dream of the Internet, how to become increasingly difficult? Said the first photo: website access providers not network at the same, there are a lot of each city. Owners need to travel abroad for fatigued by a long journey to stop taking pictures for the record, the rising cost of individual owners, can be said to be not a small expenditure, it is one disaster after another. Besides the special record problem: after all the community portal, portal community, each type of the function so fine, with a special N for the record, for example? DZ now upgraded to X1, the typical community portal website, BBS is a sub component attribute, but not this record, can not play. Because of such a small record, destroy the most creative generation of Internet youth, the value is still worth it,

now the Internet industry a impetuous gas, under anchaoxiongyong, which will lead directly to the network to create a dream of youth "immigrants" overseas, the long-term development for the management of domestic personal website and the Internet is extremely unfavorable. I hope that the new filing system can understand what governance, how to reasonable governance, improve means, and ultimately realize the win-win situation of webmaster and network governance, then it is the network youth "returnees" when.

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