Do website, we should have an ordinary heart

from my contact website has been for three years, just started to think, a good technology, a boutique website will be successful, or someone to give me investment, ha ha, now think of it is felt that naive, ridiculous. This is Chuaizhe naive when I full of confidence into the result of this industry, that is the dream and far, just started also like other webmaster, do a site navigation, is a complete imitation of the kind of hao123 website, spent 2 weeks, because was not completely downloaded hao123 imitation of the source code, and I took his page a download back into their own name, it is the first website released, when I was happily to the promotion, to the question, we have become accustomed to their love with site navigation, you have what advantage to pull someone else here, is the open speed faster than 123? Or the safety of higher than 123, which I have not extended, half a month, a day that makes IP.

Khan! After I changed the promotion guidelines, write a IE toolbar, with Baidu search and some practical tools, is the key point of the toolbar is logo to my site, and open the browser is my website. Then let me brother to the customer or repair the machine when the machine installed, I installed the toolbar (my brother in the city to sell the computer computer), after a month, the effect is good, there are about 200IP visit, so every day, I began to consider the problem of profitability, after the two months. I understand that directly looking for people to buy my advertising is not possible, or registered advertising, I chose Ali mother, because at that time the Ali Mama advertising play very loud, when I put ads on the site, the problem again, do not know how it is, the less poor advertising.

this time there is a new vocabulary to my mind, it is cheating, from the Internet to find a lot of cheating information and tools, so buying a lot of space, domain name, most of the time to the thirteen station, at that time, the money is there, January is probably around 3000, but every day be always on tenterhooks day, for fear of being K, general every K of a station, I will buy a domain name, then put the K website name change on the line, repeatedly closed repeatedly, repeatedly do repeatedly, so the courage to say it was moving, during this period and toss nearly a year, engage in weary. Finally all the disposable K finished, finally realized that this is not a permanent solution, the road is long not to cheat.

then calm down to think about what to do and what to do in the future. I don’t have many special skills. Find a few like-minded friends, launched their own business station, East network, so far, customers have accumulated a lot, the scale is constantly expanding. These let me understand, do the station must find the station of interest to do, persevere, of course, also have some opportunities, can let us have some development. Three months ago, we opened our trade station, "China magnesium industry net"

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