Several ways to prevent hackers from invading websites

is your website often hacked? How do you prevent your site from being hacked? The most common use of hacking is the intrusion. Webmaster how to prevent their website was hacked? The following is my wise remark of an experienced person, we can refer to


hacking sites, most preferred sites are high traffic, how to avoid it? Personally think necessary to do the next step,


1: injection holes must be patched up with

what is the injection hole, how to produce, and these I am sorry to say here, Baidu on a lot of this presentation. For example, your website is dynamic (assuming the URL: Id=110) in the URL followed by and 1=1 and 1=2 showed normal display error, that your site is the presence of injection. There are many online injection tools can also be manually injected, can achieve break the administrator password, and now also popular online cookie injection, such as and 1=1 and and 1=2 are you display error, you didn’t put up on the cookie injection vulnerability, also will cause the hacker. These repair loopholes in the code on the Internet a lot, we can download.

two: modify database address

database address, this is very important, for example, you are using the new cloud, easy to move, and you are not accustomed to the database address because you are convenient, so you will be exploited by hackers. So be sure to change.

three: manage login pages and upload addresses

management login page do not use silent, it is also very important, for example, you use the admin, admin/login.asp, manage and so on… You have to change it. Upload the address of the file, it is best to have no management authority, open, or will be used by hackers.

four: user name and password length set complex

username and password not silent, for example admin, admin. username and password length is complex, for example, there is now a broken online MD5 encrypted web site on the Internet, some are to be charged, and the longest break to 12. Of course, hackers do not rule out the use of dictionary tools crack. Passwords personally believe that spelling must be combined with numbers, and punctuation is the best.

five: the option to bind to the IP server site

if you do not own independent server, the server bound is also very important, hackers will use the method of marginal invasion site, such as your website hackers did not find loopholes, he will start using your website and binding. Individuals don’t think they’re tied to hacker sites and web sites.


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