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design: the designer is perhaps the world’s most people need inspiration, we covered all kinds of knowledge, reading is inexhaustible every day, just right click save picture is simply a habit, inadvertently saved the one hundred and eighty thousand picture is normal situation… So designers are most distressed by the management of inspiration – the question: how do you effectively collect inspiration maps,


1, the picture collection efficiency is too low (one for one save)

2, inspiration collection too loose (micro-blog collection, Twitter collection, iPad save, notebook save),

3, the classification is too cumbersome (a picture may belong to "UI", also belong to "Chinese wind", also belong to "mobile design")

4 is not available when used (which layer is not sure, preview is slow)……

Tucao is endless, so designers will find a variety of notes tool, but many tools are too complex and huge, for the pursuit of a designer, bitter people who use these tools is also a burden…

Xiaobian introduces a magic collection of ideas for designers today. With a browser plug-in called OK, the biggest feature is:

simple! Quick!


is coming up to the devil. Look at how OK saves pictures.


"OK" collects pictures and saves them to the network and local hard disks only by dragging and dropping them.

as the figure above, the form of OK is "browser sidebar". When you install the plug-in, you can always display / close it. When you need to collect pictures, just drag the picture to the sidebar and save it into your network account.

collects pictures in a form of cards, very fast. According to OK official statistics, the average collection of a picture only 0.13 seconds, is the world’s fastest micro notes tool. What Tumblr, dribble, Behance, twitter, insgrame?… Anyway, see good, drag in is good.

this is a learning free tool. Is it too simple? It’s that simple.

download address:

has the habit of using browser plug-ins and can go directly to the store installation:

Chrome stores, Firefox stores, opera stores, speed browsers, Sogou, cheetah, 360 security, Safari, UC…

collects this and more information on the Internet and can read it on the phone

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