Tools, small products, you have the platform of the dilemma


note: the small products mentioned in this article are mainly tool products. About tool products, KPCB Zhou Wei used to call it "Gnome project", which means low loyalty and hard to grow products. Although hard, there is a certain truth.

tools have some common features, such as low technical threshold, no inheritance, no social attributes, the localization of the use and high reproducibility shortcomings; also has advantages of excellent experience, outstanding UI, user base, to solve the actual needs. Input method, weather, notes, Bus inquiries are classified under the author of such products.

in a certain extent, this kind of product stickiness (open high frequency), the solution to a real encounter in the life of the user pain points in it, such as the previous input, not difficult intelligence, experience is poor, there Sogou input method solve these problems, but also to provide users travel weather application more accurate recommendations, and these applications have become indispensable in the life of the user application.

despite this, another fact that can not be concealed is that these applications solve very small demands in the user’s life. You might say that any product starts with small demand and grows into a big product. That’s perfectly correct. I can not define the needs of large, small scope, but the application of the "small" embodied in the above said no inheritance, no social attributes, can not solve the deeper spiritual needs, reflected in the revenue is not a stable profit model, or no profit model.

before the tiger sniffing the network, the author summarizes the three stages, the first stage development tool products, pure tools; second stages, to the cloud, or the UGC value; third stages, the transition to the vertical community. I am bold to make a correction, the three stages of the tool products are the first stage, the pure tools; the second stage, to the cloud or vertical communities; the third stage is unknown.

unknown because everyone is in the exploration, and there is no successful case for reference, the following selection is difficult to transition to the platform tool products.

Sogou input method

before, tiger sniffing that article mentioned, tool class applications are currently on the two road to explore, one of which is to go up the cloud, Sogou input method can be said to be the first explorer on the road. For users of synchronous thesaurus, obscure word cloud enabled data, hot new words all the time, so for many years to use the input method users themselves. These innovations for early Sogou input method to quickly accumulate users to lay a solid foundation. At present, the number of users has exceeded 400 million, is QQ, 360 security guards after the domestic third largest client.

holding massive users of Sogou, as early as the introduction of 2 years of input methods have begun commercial exploration, the earliest commercial product is "play"

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