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after several years of development, SEO website has developed for several generations. From the original young ignorant, now becomes more mature and great lady, but this does not affect the SEO website development prospects, it is still a good momentum, so many new Adsense or like bamboo shoots after a spring rain general in the SEO website emerge in an endless stream, history will become a very powerful force. In the SEO website optimization, keyword occupy a certain position, for this new station has also been focused on this. In the five analysis framework proposed in 1979 in the Harvard Potter school for keywords development has a very big impact, we in this framework to find SEO web site keywords optimization to the new SEO site in the rankings, to strive for further improvement, users continue to expand, to become the most powerful flow catcher. Next, I share these five forces to share with colleagues.

supplier: enhance self, perfect, optimize

in keyword optimization, vendors are at the top of the search engines, and they predict a variety of possible or influential keywords. The webmaster should always pay attention to the website keyword search rankings, and keyword position constantly affected the myriads of changes search engine algorithms, so the webmaster must see, just like Google is the panda and Penguin update, SEO strategy of understanding to your suppliers, marketing and sales may bring negative effect. In this regard, we need to constantly upgrade suppliers in their ability to focus on the keyword optimization site in a timely manner after the attention key SEO website ranking, especially in the long tail keywords SEO optimization, can some effort to study, select or create a new keyword page optimization deployment, which is one of the key techniques of SEO website ranking.

in potential new competitors will never

in your SEO development of the website, many common words will be a lot of emerging or potential competitors, make your development in the SEO website on the road is difficult, so understanding competitor information is very important, also will bring different BiaoXin in network marketing, to create its own characteristics of SEO website in the study of culture, keywords but also hard to sort out, expand keywords can be used, in the internal link optimization to highlight the page weight, improve search engine friendliness, so that we can beat each other to overwhelm the situation of type.

user groups: add feature plates to enhance user experience

users can say that we are in the development of the entire SEO site rankings, traffic and so on, the real user is the source of our website profits. There are many user groups, and there is a certain significance in the analysis and research of keywords. We can analyze the key words from the user’s search content, so as to further optimize the SEO of keywords. In order to attract more users, >

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