Who has been touched by the newly created network financial system

Ali as China’s electricity supplier leader, in addition to accurately grasp the opportunity for self-development, but also effective use of their own resources. This is really a special. Starting from the electricity supplier, to the later release of the three major strategies, we can see Ali clear development plan, compared with this, Dangdang, shop number, intime and other electricity supplier development is indeed short of time.

you must be familiar with the balance of treasure, now landing Alipay will see such a project, the operating rules are very simple, as long as the amount in Alipay to balance treasure inside, so that even if the operation is successful, as for profit, the balance of treasure to the point of profit is fairly acceptable, mainly because of the money will be transferred to the balance treasure does not delay their consumption, this is the two.

for Ali’s move, we can analyze such a few points. 1. the effective use of Alipay idle funds gathered in addition to do fund business, but also assisted in their financial services, providing small loans, profits and visibility than many business. 2. of the balance of treasure money can be as the foundation, but also can be used for Ali own shopping, in addition to the characteristics of the business, but also to some extent shielded other electricity supplier manufacturers, will be more consumption tends to their finishing business system, to achieve growth.

more than two points, you can explain the actual significance of the balance treasure, if you do not believe, then suning.com launched easy to pay treasure, which is the industry has an effective demonstration of the future.

friends have not Jiuye rumors that suning.com will soon launch easy to pay treasure, into the net loan field, this is the precursor to compete with the balance of treasure. We all know that suning.com now for the importance of electricity supplier, suning.com can be said to support their business, to build at all costs, in addition to the line resource support for online, even the business oriented are beginning to the internet. Suning is not a fool, so desperate to enter the electricity supplier, access to the Internet financial field, naturally has its purpose.

blocking Taobao, which is naturally a well-known reason, frequently from suning.com price war, about Jingdong and Taobao will be able to see, Su Ning is not missing money, just a chance. On the whole, Suning holds Internet companies for offline resources entrance and market bargaining power, more terrible is the value for the Internet Suning, Suning can be said to do the electricity supplier, is not to subvert the industry pattern of reason. Access to the same reason for the balance treasure, can be regarded as Suning’s price war outside the opening of the second financial battleground.

used his cash flow, before suning.com mentioned their future strategy, creating a commercial purchase system, we complete a variety of consumer demand, and Taobao is different, Suning’s ambition is to allocate resources to take online and offline and online and offline, it can be seen as a >

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