Select the virtual host, god horse factor should be concerned about

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station has become a trend, people feel the fun at the same time, also can let you learn more knowledge, but in the choice of virtual host, it should not be too much careless, otherwise, again good site will only become clouds.

first, the virtual host size to fit their own site, choose the space of hundreds of megabytes to several G are different, and this time, you will need to locate their own website? How much capacity? Choice space, so as to better or change or change midway through space, not only affects the site visit and what is more, may affect the search engine included and index size, choose good website then to locate the site.

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, virtual host flow, the size of this space and have a spell, if only a large space, and the virtual host traffic is limited, so, your site is likely to occur intermittently and cannot access the situation, then, so much space is of no avail. And, in the purchase of space, the size of the flow, CPU limits the number of these are necessary to understand the.

again, the virtual host support database is what many of my friends do not care to buy space that confuse their own website need is mysql, SQL or Server, it will cause the mistake of buying, buying the wrong space, if not to change your business space space, it can only be said is very tragic, in addition to buy space, but also should pay attention to database capacity, capacity level is also related to the development of your site


then, how much amount of virtual host binding domain name, website operation is very successful, it is likely to launch a series of site, if each website has a different account, then, management is also very troublesome thing, all the time, choose to make sure that your host can host multiple domain names then, this is convenient for management.

finally, how the virtual host customer service service, buy virtual host products, to buy not only the quality, the more important is to buy their customer service, when your site when problems arise, excellent customer service service will shorten your site downtime, will let you in a short time to get rid of the host can not access dilemma.

virtual host needs to pay attention to what factors, these surfaces that are above the need to pay attention in the choice of virtual host, and for all of us, like a virtual host backstage management system, language support, operation time, ensure the database backup and other aspects also need the attention, so when choosing foreign the host, our concern is not only the more comprehensive factors of it.

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