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TeamToy is a multi player TODO to-do list tool for innovative teams,

if TeamToy only has the above functions, it is a better design efficiency tool.

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"work has never been a lonely one. It must be a crowd of people."."

download installation sample code package: code package

, this is the slogan on TeamToy’s home page teamtoy.net. TeamToy is an innovative team oriented multi TODO to-do tool that aims to work with everyone in the team to facilitate comments, help seeking, roll call and broadcast to other work partners.

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, but for people with job phobia, this tool is a nightmare, because it aims to bring you and your colleagues together anytime, anywhere, with multiple platforms and mobile clients".

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In order to improve the

TeamToy has done a lot of optimizations to improve team efficiency, such as transferring TODO and asking @ colleagues for help directly. TeamToy supports Chrome, Safari desktop client notification, and cross platform, ensure that team members can get push notifications, but also have rich mail list function, real-time synchronization and a key to make calls, send SMS, query extension.

Chen Lijie entered Sina in 2004 to do the technology, and then left for business, TeamToy

TeamToy emphasizes the "thing" as the center, TODO function naturally become the core of the tool. For many have not used the tools to enhance the efficiency of users, TODO is a strange noun, it is representative of the to-do lists, and productivity tools to do is through the arrangement of to-do reasonably, to improve individual and team work efficiency.

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said the source, that is to say you can not directly go to the TeamToy page to register an account began to use, you need to download the source code and install it to your own server or hosting providers can use. Of course, TeamToy designers are also intimately equipped to install a key to the Sina cloud store functions. The reason for choosing Sina’s cloud store is largely because its author is @Easy, head of sina’s cloud store. Chen Lijie.

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is specially introduced for two reasons: 1, TeamToy is open source software and has the ability to provide a complete API, the developers can develop their own desired function on this basis; 2, the new version of the TeamToy concept, design and development are made by a person with half of his spare time to complete.

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