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Josh Elman’s point of view is not unreasonable, said the typical phenomenon of artificial intelligence entrepreneurship, but also tells investors of artificial intelligence for the blind show of blind obedience. In fact, this view reflects the current two forms of artificial intelligence Entrepreneurship:

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since 2016, a lot of social resources have started to flow to artificial intelligence. Science and technology media has been accustomed to the headlines with AI consultants frequently as the future of artificial intelligence "imagination", investors mostly in the roundtable discussion of artificial intelligence, even the BAT at the IT Leadership Summit, also chose the topic of artificial intelligence.

undeniably, the product of artificial intelligence is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, from a business point of view is understandable. Just from the starting point, purely artificial intelligence as a gimmick, or artificial intelligence as a bonus item, there are two entirely different future.


, while many investors are betting on artificial intelligence, there are also some rational investors who have made a different sound. According to the Greylock partner Josh Elman view: some companies make use of artificial intelligence technology as "the hammer" everywhere "nail" hit, some investors are very complex, encountered in artificial intelligence and detached companies, will be willing to throw money in the past.


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not long ago, cloud Ding Technology issued its home intelligent door lock brand – deer intelligent door lock English Loock Touch, the artificial intelligence technology applied to the door lock. In fact, since the beginning of last year, AI wave of product menacing, millet released Ai TV, Haier launched the smart refrigerator, artificial glory introduced artificial intelligence mobile phone, there are many startups from products, such as the original Turing robot application, artificial intelligent headset VINCI launched, this is not the only one.

AI an entrepreneurial gimmick,

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reality is that in the PPT solution and did not find a near perfect landing partner, their leading products and technology proud on the number of users that depicted scanty, ecological and scene perhaps in five to ten years before may become a reality. In this form the Internet giant body in particular, is not uncommon in the medium scale and to the rise of the Internet Co on the body, some artificial intelligence entrepreneurs in imitation of this pattern. But the giants need to do this

is a big talk about concepts and ecology, an armchair argument". As an example, we often see such a scene, in artificial intelligence conference speaker to talk about their own progress, and given the huge commercial imagination, and then discusses the future direction of artificial intelligence, emphasize their pattern, not to change what the industry using AI technology, and application scenarios can imagine.

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