Did you watch the online advertisement todayNet Wangzhuan house three hearts do Wangzhuan must have


sells a single product on the web site is very easy to copy, I say here is not just copy copy ", I mean a copy of the entire profit model, or is it copy the way to make money.

man Kunihara Fumiaki, welcome to reprint, please indicate the national money online research www.nanerguo.

will bring you today is my personal views on Wangzhuan, especially for a new session of the advice Wangzhuan novice, of course, these are also some Wangzhuan predecessors told me, now just add some of my personal views, hope to inspire you. I sum up, think do Wangzhuan should have "three hearts", which is the "three hearts" now listen to me one by one?.

if we want to copy the money to buy traffic to sell the product website, this website only needs to observe, if you find this site from the ten days later still advertising words, so that they are profitable, because after the 7 day test general advertising page they will not profit stop running. So ten days later continue to advertise, it means that they must be profitable.

three, there must be perseverance: This is very important, so I put at the end as the focus, because this is ignored by most beginner, do anything to pay attention to you, take the station as an example, I have a new station, | Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum net house every day busy write original articles, I still have to find the chain, write soft what I now do, hard – ing, but I still insist, did not give up easily. Of course, these are rewarding, although you pay a lot of sweat, but sweat and achievements is always proportional to, you have to believe, but also for the sweat and achievements is not at the same time, but success will come sooner or later. As a beginner, early to make money certainly rarely, tens of dollars a month is very good, I have a few dollars, are normal, so we must correct attitude, everything is hard in the beginning, insist on, success will one day for you.

well, three heart more than you have? If you have, then congratulations, you will shine Wangzhuan Road, finally can make a small business, ha ha. Finally, I wish webmaster network and small station better and better, congratulations webmaster network successfully apply for sh419 news source, ha ha. The original net Wangzhuan www.wzw5 house reprint please retain the copyright thanks ~

, for example, now on the Internet a lot of weight loss products are using shlf1314 AdWords ads to promote the purchase flow, the weight loss drug sales price is generally 200 to 500 yuan, the average invested 100 yuan in advertising can sell a single transaction, each invested 1000 yuan in advertising can be sold 10 single, can earn 1000-3000 yuan. However, the same thing on Taobao only sell dozens of yuan, the wholesale will be cheaper. Why not go to Taobao to buy them, mainly because many people don’t know Taobao, they do not develop or buy things before they go to Taobao search price habits, sell this kind of product is the use of information asymmetry.

two, ambitious ambition: the need to do Wangzhuan, said they do not want to be a general is not a good soldier, yes, no ambition is not enough, your ambition is the source of power, the greater your ambition the greater the power, if you have ten thousand ambitions, then you we must work daily propaganda, strive for innovation, and so on, these are the needs of power. The ancients often said, "let it go up and get in it.". If you ask for it, think about the result, so make sure you have big ambitions.

then we can go to Taobao or Alibaba wholesale to the same goods, copy its advertising pages not copied to Witkey to spend 100 yuan for one copy, the same advertising sales, basically can be profitable.

generally, when ordinary people online are more annoying sense of advertising on the web, but I think we rely on the network to make money people see online advertising should open a look, why? Because the advertising on the network of people, basically is the network marketing master, we advertising is mainly to learn master means of marketing, advertising language and beautify the page design, and website have what functions, what is the use of the customer service system and payment procedures. These are very helpful for us to learn online money making techniques.

, have faith: the person must have confidence, do Wangzhuan is the same, we want to be confident to do Wangzhuan project, the only way you can participate actively to do Wangzhuan project, it will pull off the assembly line, if you’re on your project Wangzhuan have no confidence, so you can pull off the assembly line?! so we must have confidence in their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, since the choice of this industry, choose what you choose this one or more Wangzhuan project, it must believe you can do them well! So you can finally do it

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