Customized single city classification information system, customized single city classification info

Ali may be the man

3 and Alimama services are a big problem. The attitude is very professional and the effect is very poor.

A5 Forum phase 561 is hot review this group buy, immediately participate in interactive: http://s.bbs.admin5/thread-6234494-1-1.html

feel Ali mother really "double dealing" exploitation of owners, the monthly income of 15%, and the technical service fee is quite high, and the remaining 85% parts of more than 800 yuan minus the personal income tax, personal income tax is the lowest threshold of 20%, more than 4000 yuan to increase the proportion of I figured, the last remaining probably around 2/3, feeling to you anyway than tax lottery in proportion to a large. A lot of webmaster forced to have no choice but to apply for several accounts, separate to put Ali mother’s code, for more than one account, together with the money, you can escape the tax…..

why doesn’t Alimama’s model work out? First of all, from Taobao’s seller experience. Many Taobao shopkeeper dedicated "in Alimama for the first time after posting basically expressed disappointment, but on the Alimama advertising platform’s attitude is changing, from the beginning of the excitement, after the change for the first time advertising disappointed. People who don’t believe it can go to Alimama’s official forum.

  Ke Qiqi classification information system
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1 and Alimama were poorly prepared and sacrificed a lot of Taobao sellers for the first time.


Ma Yun started the abacus is this number of yourself: a self circulation Work in ALI, there are people doing business in their own platform Taobao, B2B, Alibaba someone on their platform to pay to buy things Alipay Alipay, people who sell things to earn money to your site to advertise ALI, even one day, all these people are ultimately rely on tools to eat ALI Ali software.

sometimes do not know why, just joined the time is not bad, suddenly, from one day, from Ali’s mother came suddenly halved income, or even fell 7 into 8 into. The income is very volatile. And, go to Ali mother to take advertising and Ali mom and partners talk about advertising, the price difference is very big, Ali really will bully people, do we ourselves send home webmaster good bullying?

    555~ is late; the group purchase is over now. Although no group purchase price, but can enjoy more preferential than the official direct purchase price oh, please click the link to view the purchase of etuan/deal/571

      more preferential product as in A5: http://s. www.etuan/goods    group purchase mall;

———————- reminder developing

September 2008, Ma was forced to abandon the Ali Mama, the Ali Mama limbo in Taobao Anyang later, come to the end of today, a lot of overall reason ah. However, now see the Alimama public opinion also a flatter say this, always feel uncomfortable, Ma how do not know if this is a shameful thing ah, oh, then let me this outsider not an outsider, I did Alimama customers, users, partners, ha ha, Sanpei ah reflection, with share my views!!!

if you have completed the group operation on this page, you can also post in the above post, we will give you A5 points.

2, Alimama uncertain to the head of the uncertainty is too strong.

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        a homogeneous single city classification information system is a classification information program developed based on ASP+Access/Mssql technology. System support custom publishing model. Telephone, , mailbox, contact transcoding, diverse verification code, free replacement, user-friendly design, easier operation, powerful information collection function and self-service advertising system.


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