How to develop local websitesPersonal sites advertising money to pay attention to

as the saying goes, don’t put all your egg in one basket, told that people should pay attention to dispersing risks, once the accident, not the end. Personal Adsense money, mostly to make money through advertising, so people are always on the website on several different advertising alliance advertising, the purpose is to get more revenue, but need to vote in the advertisement pay attention to some problems.

personal web site, if only to rely on advertising to make money, in order to earn more money, and put more of several League advertising is understandable. Of course, choose the credibility of the advertising Union, in each web page up to 3 ads on it. If the advertising content on the site too much, it will not only affect the speed of the site and beautiful, more important is to affect visitors first impression of your site, don’t let people see that your personal website is an advertising station. Ha ha, of course, there are special advertising sites.

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            I was a real BOSS chat, he asked me what is the difference between the station and the other, I told him is very simple, most of my station is to buy a house, the high quality of the user of this very attractive. In fact, for the business advertising budget is still very large, many developers talk to me it doesn’t care about the money, but the effect, so again the local class has a long incubation period, I think 1 years is not very long. If the advertiser feels the effect, this is what I’m talking about. But I think there are a few points that must be taken hold of. First, no false information can be sent at any rate. Two, relatively much real information. Three, it is convenient and practical for users. A page solution is not necessary paging, local class is generally difficult to rely on those League to make money, I’m two stations now only just 20USD. The last thing is to land, I’m in Wuhan, and it’s really hard to get back to Ezhou very often. What to do? Call. If it is in my webmaster, it is more different. Anyway, I think it’s very important. It’s interesting. It’s very meaningful,

writes very simple, in fact, do not have to talk too much. Just want to tell me and do the same kind of local webmaster, hold on, fall down is not you,

my point of view: in the era of rampant portal, local class for our webmaster, perhaps it is easier to break through the weak zone, especially in the current network is not very developed second tier cities. If you can continue to work hard, coupled with reasonable management, coupled with a relatively long period of time training, the local website is definitely promising and money. When you are on the right track, sustainable development is unmatched by other web sites. It is for this reason that although the day before yesterday I stood by K, but I still do not want to give up the reason.

is worth mentioning that do not put on those playing edge ball advertising, and some advertising Union in order to increase revenue, its advertising with some provocative, seductive pictures and text. Now the country to punish Internet vulgar wind, put this kind of advertising is not asking for trouble, what is more, there may be up to pin. We China remember an old saying "gentleman loves money, in a proper way".


many friends will ask: you said you are promising what? Here I can simply tell you: I stand on the line last October, in February of this year estate after another and I talk about advertising, currently has 2 official user fees, add up to 1000 monthly average IP level, and I stand it hovering around 300. Here you may want to know my address,, art, the interface is very general, real estate is still can function to this segment is K, estimated to spend some time to do some functions included. Back to my point of view, at present, many advertising systems emphasize precision marketing, I told you that the local category is absolutely accurate marketing. Take me to stand for, no K, from Baidu to check: Ezhou property, Ezhou property network or Ezhou some real estate, so that the user why to check, because they have more intense purchase intentions.

my new website is willing to share and study with everyone. Finally, I wish all of my webmaster friends safe and healthy, and make sure that my website is profitable.

personal website is to make money by selling products, if your website is selling their products, especially pay attention to in the advertisement, if the competitor’s advertising ads on your site, your site is to attract customers away, it may be The loss outweighs the gain..

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