Guo Jie’s view of the nternet — from Zhu Yuanzhang’s view of grassroots EntrepreneurshipThe third

announcement also shows that the 2 institutions accompanied by payment of pay Co. Ltd., Shandong famous online network technology Co. Ltd. have been ordered to stop renewal but in some areas of business.

Le Fu payments Ltd

Harbin kinglink Technology Co.

famous Shandong online network science and technology limited company for Internet payment, that showed the presence of "the people’s Bank of China about < > payment; notice renewal work" Yinfa 2015 No. 358 the provisions of article sixth shall not be renewed, non renewal of prepaid card issuance and acceptance the city of Beijing, Qingdao city.

JETCO payment limited

pictures from submission


according to the announcement, the application for renewal of 93 non bank payment institutions, a total of 84 non bank payment institutions "payment business permit" approved renewal until 2022, there are 9 institutions due to the presence of the people’s Bank of Chinese on the "pay business license" renewal work notice "Yinfa" 2015 No. 358 the provisions of article sixth shall not be the case of renewal, renewal.

Changsha ACCCIM Agel Ecommerce Ltd


cuts business scope and agency status:

Information Services Limited

in June 26, 2017, the central bank announced the fourth batch of non bank payment institutions "to pay business license renewal decision".

  speaking of grass, I must first say a digression, just last month, his call, this year the frost a month ahead of time, from a few acres of land contracting home. Hung up the phone, my heart had for a long time, was born in rural for 5 years, I know nothing, for the farmers with land for a living is a kind of fatal blow? I always feel like I have nothing to say when I see people on the Internet who are always on the grass roots. If this time the surfer Shang Ziqian as the "grassroots", the more than 800000000 ancestors cultivated farmland, even the computer had not seen, even the mouse did not touch the farmers, and how to claim?

Beijing science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. introduction


Business license type and range of

Beijing Co. Ltd.

third party >

Ann Shangtong Yinxin Electronics Co. paid

accompanied by payment of the limited company’s licensed business type and scope for Internet payment, mobile phone payment, bank card collection except Jilin, Liaoning, Zhejiang, Fujian, Heilongjiang province. According to the description of the show "the people’s Bank of China bulletin on 2014 received a special inspection of the bank card business" Yinfa 2014 No. 267 Jilin, Liaoning, ordered to stop including Dalian, Zhejiang including Ningbo, Fujian, Heilongjiang and other 5 provinces of the bank card acquiring business.

integrity and payment

billion euros with four batches of third party payment license renewal and daily supervision from the central bank, strengthen the supervision of the third party payment will become the new norm, and with the number of licenses to continue to decrease, the gold content of the existing licence will continue to rise. With the emergence of mobile payment habits in consumption, the Internet payment license in particular favored.

channel paymentAnhui Ruixiang

Shanxi orchid Business Services Ltd.

non renewal mechanismPutian

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