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Blue Apron co-founder and CEO Matt Salzberg. "Our food comes from suppliers who serve ingredients for high-end restaurants, so the quality will be high.". In fact, our ingredients are better and fresher than the ones people go to the supermarket, because the ingredients you buy through Blue Apron don’t have been lying on the supermarket shelves for a week."

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and today, Blue Apron has come up with a solution for cooking: Blue Apron delivers weekly meals for three meals each week, along with recipes, in a weekly order pattern. With this weekly subscription, users can spend no time thinking about what to eat, finding recipes and spending hours looking for fresh ingredients.

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‘s current Blue Apron order price is $9.99 per person, free delivery and can be cancelled at any time.

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on the issue of cooking, the average person will consider food allergies and special diet control in addition to considering time, cost and new recipes. So the company also plans to launch a new program to meet the needs of users in these areas.


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cooking is a big hassle: it’s a long process from thinking about what to do, to buying food, to really cooking it, and often without freshness. These realities allow food lovers who have not had enough time to choke off cooking fun.

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this service includes the delivery of vegetables or meat, and emphasizes the freshness of the ingredients. Because of the need for fresh ingredients to ensure that the service is now limited to the northeastern United States, including New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and other parts of the country.

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weekly delivery includes all the ingredients and recipes in the meals, and all the ingredients are carefully classified, packaged and identified. The time to make a meal based on the recipe is controlled within 35 minutes. Time cost control is a big selling point of the service, and every Monday, new recipes are also important for food lovers. Although this recipe is more expensive than traditional popular recipe websites, it is a new attempt.

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Blue Apron, founded by Salzberg, CTO, Ilia, Papas, and Matthew Wadiak, the chef and food industry pioneer, has now raised $800 thousand in investment.


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