Yunnan create a business ecosystem

Yunnan has now become a big business, at the same time, the local government in order to attract more entrepreneurs and more entrepreneurial projects, early in the local establishment of a series of entrepreneurial base, launched a good business policy.

sponsored by the Yunnan Provincial Administration for Industry and commerce, Kunming national advertising industry pilot park management committee and the Yunnan Association Raycom company to undertake the "Yunnan Yunnan creative" hit off the contest are related to Yunnan entrepreneurial environment concern. For entrepreneurs, Yunnan entrepreneurial soil can provide a broad space for growth? To create a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere of the government, enterprises have taken what initiatives? In the face of the continuous improvement of the entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurs how to seize the opportunity?


to my province, entrepreneurial environment, Wuhua District of Kunming city deputy mayor Wang Xun said, "although compared with other city, Yunnan entrepreneurs active degree is not high, entrepreneurial atmosphere is not strong, but the Yunnan Province, both the number of entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial atmosphere are developing toward the good direction." In his view, the establishment of the park, to create a public space, hosting a guest contest, etc., are in order to enhance the overall entrepreneurial atmosphere in Yunnan, to encourage more people to join the initiative to continue to shorten the gap with the first tier cities.


In addition to the existence of

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