Meishan 30 year old queen queen sansuci, captured 2000 Nissan termites

is very serious for building termite harm, especially for the wood structure building is the crowning calamity of termites. Meishan Sansu temple in Sichuan recently launched a human expert and ant war, Queens, eliminate a crisis.

12 20 days early in the morning, from Hubei Huanggang termite expert Zhang Chuanwen, early came to the pavilion near the cape. Two days ago, he found traces of termites. Zhang Chuanwen said, here the soil near the ancient buildings, ponds, ventilated and shady place, is the love of termites.

dug the main nest, an approximately 7 cm long in queens. Zhang Chuanwen found that the queen and the queen has been surrounded by white ants, was lifted. "This is trying to escape!" Immediately Zhang Chuanwen stretched out his hand to catch, but also by the soldiers back, wearing gloves, Zhang Chuanwen easily caught the queen, the queen.

12 on Sept. 21, Zhang Chuanwen took out a "Ant King" and "Queen" mineral water bottle said: "the only queen at least 30 years old, is the prime of life, one day can breed more than 2 thousand termites, fortunately caught."

The harm is not limited to

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