Xinjiang silk road passenger network alliance first 310 guests to join

China’s Internet business center located in the eastern region, Xinjiang and other western provinces in the field of Internet development has no advantage. In order to promote the construction of the Internet industry in Xinjiang, the 310 hit off to join the Xinjiang silk road passenger network alliance, Xinjiang foundry Internet business wealth.

"we call for more young people to join the use of modern information technology, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in the ranks, we came to the stage to show your creative and exciting……" Xinjiang silk road passenger network alliance in Jiangxi on 4 Nanchang start, 310 from all over the country and a record passenger space, creating community base to become the first member, and is a call.

China along with the arrival of a new era, more and more Xinjiang entrepreneurs to bridge the road of entrepreneurship through the Internet technology to find, to open the eyes, peace of mind, the spirit of mutual assistance for Xinjiang to create wealth.

"Xinjiang is now the best period of entrepreneurship." Fujian Xinjiang, President of Nishimura Association of e-commerce business in Xinjiang for ten years, Huang Changhui said he had traveled to Xinjiang in 4/5 place, truly feel the Xinjiang people’s desire for development, he called for more people to venture in Xinjiang. Xinjiang is still a lack of entrepreneurial talent in the Internet, standardization and logistics of agricultural products is also facing problems, but it is also able to act as a space."

"open · green · Sharing — Xinjiang silk road passenger network alliance" sponsored by the Xinjiang Internet Information Office, the purpose is to encourage more young people in Xinjiang by using the advanced Internet technology to create wealth, to build the Silk Road in Xinjiang hit off the brand extension of the Silk Road online. At the same time, through the new era of Xinjiang Ji entrepreneurship, the creation of a college student hard work, the story of progress, showing the Xinjiang create a customer, entrepreneurship, innovation to run the image.

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